3P Fulfillment Optimization 

Through our inventory forecasting algorithm and data analytics, we provide optimal inventory coverage to protect your brand’s margins. 

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Inventory Forecasting

We leverage Kaspien’s inventory forecasting system  to accurately predict inventory levels in 3, 6, 9, and 12-month increments, helping you plan a reliable production schedule and streamlined supply chain.

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Inventory Forecasting

Good decisions rely on good data. Kaspien provides regular reports for inbound inventory levels, sales, marketing, competitive pricing, Buy Box percentage, and more. We’ll also go a step further to make your data actionable by providing strategic advice. We can provide reports for all marketplaces you do business on.

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Catalog Expansion

Determining which products have the greatest sales potential on Amazon and other online marketplaces can be a tricky business. Kaspien can provide detailed competitive analyses to help you determine which product lines have the greatest opportunity to strategically and sustainably grow your product catalog. We’ve helped launch thousands of new products, and we can assemble a custom marketing action plan to support you whenever you launch new products.

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catalog expansion
Seller Reimbursements copy
Seller Reimbursements

Experts estimate there will be $550B in returns to online sellers in 2020. As the largest online retail platform in the US, Amazon will account for a majority of those returns. Our FBA cost recovery software, Channel Auditor, has reimbursed over $5MM to FBA sellers for mishandled inventory and erroneous fees.

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