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Grow sales, prevent out-of-stocks, and protect brand integrity. Through unrivaled expertise and proprietary technology, we grow brands across today’s leading online marketplaces.

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How Our Tech-Enabled Retail Partnerships Work

1. We Buy
We Buy Your Products

We’ll use our sales predication system to strategically review your catalog and submit a purchase order. From there, you’ll work with a dedicated team that is committed to your success. As we sell through inventory, we’ll continually place new purchase orders.

2. You Ship
You Ship Your Products

Depending on which marketplace(s) we’re representing your brand, you’ll ship your products to an FBA warehouse or one of our third-party logistics providers. We’ll take it from there, ensuring your products are ready for fast delivery when the orders start rolling in.

3. We Sell Your Products
We Sell Your Products

We’ll use our inventory management software to minimize costs and protect your profits. It uses historical data from $1 billion sales, industry trends, lead times, receiving times, and sales velocity to ensure optimal coverage while minimizing expenses.

4. We Promote Your Products
We Promote Your Products

Marketing plays a critical part in growing your brand. We partner with you to execute impactful campaigns, optimizing product listings and running highly efficient ad campaigns to maximize sales.

5. We Grow Your Brand
We Grow Your Brand

As the sales roll in, we’ll help you identify opportunities to add new products to your catalog and expand to other domestic and international marketplaces.

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What Does it Cost?

Not A Dime.

As your retailer, we’ll purchase your products, manage the sales tax nexus, pay warehousing fees, and handle the logistics from the first mile to the last.

Retail Enhanced by AI Technology

Scaling your business online requires sophisticated automation. We solve that problem with world-class software and services for online marketplaces.

AI-Driven Inventory Forecasting

Efficient cashflow management and strategic planning relies on accurate inventory and sales forecasts. For each of our Retail partners we combine their API-collected report data, proprietary algorithms, and human expertise to ensure optimal inventory coverage.

Dropship Optimization

Offer more of your catalog, protect against out-of-stocks, and rapidly respond to unseasonal demand. Our dropship order management system enables automated repricing, SKU creation, and dynamic shipping cost analysis.

Marketing Automation

Maximize your Amazon advertising revenue through our proven marketing strategies. Powered by leading tools and guided by human expertise, our marketing increases sales 30% with a 10% ACOS, on average.

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Inventory Reconciliation

Amazon’s FBA centers regularly mishandle inventory without reimbursing sellers, and many sellers pass these costs onto brands. We protect your margins by using our inventory reconciliation software to correct the issue at its source.

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Risk Mitigation

We’ll use our proprietary algorithm to assess product listings for legal and marketplace compliance, mitigating risks before they harm your business.

Detailed Reporting

Good decisions rely on good data. We’ll provide regular reports for inbound inventory levels, sales, marketing, competitive pricing, Buy Box percentage, and more.

Questions About Our Retail Partnership?


Typically, we work with brands that sell at least $1 million annually on Amazon. However, we review each partnership opportunity on a case-by-case basis.

We can serve as your retailer for Amazon Global, Walmart, and Target. However, Amazon US is by far the largest marketplace, offering access to the most customers. If your brand is not fully established on Amazon, we generally recommend focusing attention there first.

This is another case of “it depends.” We use historic sales, sales velocity, number of sellers, marketing budget, lead times, and many other factors to determine the size of our initial and ongoing purchase orders. As such, our purchase orders range from four-figures to six-figures.

We support the following options for product fulfillment:

  • Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)
  • Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)
  • Cross-Marketplace Dropship
  • Third-Party Logistics for All Marketplaces
  • Amazon’s Direct Import Program

Yes! We have processing facilities in multiple states ready to receive, prep, and ship your products to FBA, WFS, or DTC. Having locations around the country means that there’s always a location near to you, ensuring optimal inventory coverage and reducing your lead times and shipping expenses.

When sellers cannot fulfill orders, obviously they are losing out on sales. But out-of-stocks have other implications as well.

  • Marketing performance suffers. When a product is out-of-stock, product rank deteriorates. Because product rank influences both organic and paid marketing performance, running out of stock harms sales, even after inventory is replenished.
  • Market share decreases. Shoppers turn to competitors when a product is out of stock. This compounds the impact to product rank, with competitors improving rank while your rank deteriorates. As a result, competitors are well positioned to seize and retain market share.

When there are multiple sellers in a listing, each seller occupies the Buy Box for only a portion of the time. Ads will run only for the seller that is currently in the Buy Box. As a result, no one seller’s ads have complete data to fully optimize performance. When competing against products sold through an exclusive seller, this puts your listing at a distinct disadvantage.

Additionally, this competition between sellers to control the Buy Box can lead to price-slashing, as the seller with the lowest price is more likely to win the Buy Box. This race to zero reduces sellers’ margins, which reduces their future PO’s to you.

Having a single, exclusive seller negates both of these issues. You can read more about the pros and cons of having multiple sellers in this blog post.

Contact Our Retail Team

Partnership Requirements

We primarily work with brands that already have an established customer base and existing presence on Amazon. If your brand does not meet these requirements at this time, please take advantage of our free resources.

What to Expect

We’ll start our introduction call by learning about your brand, goals, and current marketplace strategy, then explore how Kaspien’s Retail division can help.

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