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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Amazon Listings

How to Create, Upload, and Optimize Amazon Listings that Convert

Contained within this whitepaper:

  • How to Write Optimized Content
    Tips on how to write listing content for both the Amazon algorithm and the consumer
  • Listing Content Best Practices from a Top Amazon Seller
    Copy, image, and video asset requirements and content strategies we’ve learned from 12 years of experience as a top Amazon seller
  • Step-by-step Guide to Uploading Listing Content
    Learn how to efficiently upload both single and multiple listings through Seller Central with our step-by-step guide with screenshots

The Costs of Amazon

Pricing & Fees for 1P, 3P, and DTC

Contained within this whitepaper:

  • Expenses for the 3 Primary Business Models on Amazon
    Learn what brands are accountable for when working with Amazon Retail (1P), third-party sellers (3P), and operating a direct-to-consumer (DTC) Amazon business. 
  • Pros & Cons Overview and In-Depth
    The whitepaper provides high level overviews and in-depth analyses of the pros and cons for each business model, leaving readers with a clear understanding of which goals each business model is best suited for.
  • Actionable Advice & Insights
    Learn how to manually check who is selling your products on Amazon, how to write great listing content, and more in the actionable advice sections spread throughout the whitepaper.

The State of Amazon Marketing

Increasing Marketplace Saturation Demands a Proactive Strategy

Contained within this whitepaper:

  • Overview of the Amazon Landscape
    Gain key insights into the current and future challenges caused by heightened seller, ad, and counterfeit saturation.
  • 10+ Marketing Strategies for Driving Growth
    Overcome the hurdles caused by increased competition through marketing services on and beyond Amazon.
  • 10+ Tips for Improving Online Brand Protection
    Learn how to better protect your brand integrity online through tools on Amazon, filing for legal protections, and more.

Holistic Marketing on Amazon

The Myriad Benefits of a Comprehensive Amazon Marketing Strategy

A prominent skincare brand had previously centered their marketing around brick & mortar stores and their website. However, they recognized the enormous potential of marketing on Amazon, and tasked Kaspien with devising and implementing a robust marketing strategy. Download the case study to learn how we reached over 6.6M consumers, generated 49% sales growth YoY, and improved rank by over 28,000. 

Amplifying New Product Performance

Using PPC Software to Launch New Products to Success

A brand in the Baby and Toys category was rapidly adding new products to their catalog. As they grew, however, their Sponsored Product campaigns became less efficient and quickly ran out of budget. Download the case study to learn how we used our proprietary Amazon PPC software, AdManager, to dramatically decrease their ACoS while driving substantial sales growth. 

Transforming from Vendor to Seller

Leaving Vendor Central to Become a Successful Direct Seller

A brand in the electronics category decided they wanted to migrate their inventory out of Vendor Central and take more control of their Amazon sales channel. They partnered with Kaspien Agency, tasking our experts to create and manage their own Seller account. Download the case study to learn how Kaspien’s experts helped launch over 61 new SKUs on Amazon, growing sales by 51% within the first month!

Restoring Campaign Sustainability

Revising Campaign Strategy Yields Heightened Efficiencies

An apparel brand hired Kaspien to manage their Sponsored Product campaigns on Amazon. Their campaigns used an aggressive bidding strategy, which was driving up their ACoS. Download the case study to learn how Kaspien’s Amazon marketing professionals were able to reduce ACoS by 50% in a matter of weeks.

Breaking Into A New Market

Bringing an Amazon Canada Best Seller to the U.S.

A nutritional supplement company enjoyed tremendous success on Amazon Canada and partnered with Kaspien to expand to Amazon US, where they were still unknown. Download the case study to learn how Kaspien tailored our services to rapidly create and expand awareness among user shoppers.

Driving Sustainable Sales Growth

Leveraging PPC Software to Optimize ACoS

A supplements company partnered with Kaspien to grow their sales, without driving up ad costs. Download the case study to learn how our Amazon PPC software, enabled the brand to grow YoY sales by 46% without increasing ACoS.

Rapid Sales Growth on Amazon

Creating a Holistic Campaign to Accelerate Amazon Sales Growth

A brand in the Pet category had enjoyed success in brick and mortar stores, but they struggled to achieve the same results in their Amazon business, despite the long hours they invested. They hired Kaspien Agency to manage their Amazon channel for them. Download the case study to learn how Kaspien doubled monthly sales in just three months.

Resounding Success Using Kaspien’s PPC Software

Kaspien’s First Beta Client for AdManager is Thrilled

Over the last four years, Kaspien has built and perfected proprietary software for managing Amazon ad campaigns. Until 2020, the software was available only for Kaspien’s use, but that changed when NutraBio beta tested a self-service version of the software. Download the case study to hear how Kaspien AdManager revolutionized NutraBio’s approach to managing Amazon advertising campaigns.

Reclaiming Brand Control on Amazon

Transitioning away from Amazon Retail to Become a Seller

PureFit, a brand that makes nutrition bars, had previously sold their product wholesale to Amazon Retail, but they were dissatisfied with how little brand control that business model afforded them. They partnered with Kaspien Agency to help them sell directly through their own Seller account. Download the case study to learn how we helped PureFit create a highly profitable Seller account and recover over $4,000/month from Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Walmart Fulfillment Services

Walmart’s Gamble to Challenge Amazon FBA

Contained within this eBook:

  • Overview of Walmart Fulfillment Services
    Learn what exactly is Walmart Fulfillment Services, what the benefits are, how it works, and how to apply.
  • How it Compares to Amazon FBA
    Amazon FBA has been key to driving Amazon’s dominance. Learn how Walmart Fulfillment Services stack up.
  • What This Means for the Future of Walmart
    This move is a major step in making Walmart into a true rival for Amazon’s online retail market share.

Kaspien AdManager

Software Automation for Amazon Sponsored Products

Contained within this eBook:

  • Software Overview
    Deep dive into AdManager’s capabilities, from automating campaign optimizations to empowering strategy with lifetime data storage and streamlined reporting.
  • How it Compares to Seller Central
    Learn how Kaspien AdManager compares to the standard features of Amazon Seller Central and other Amazon ad management software.
  • 3 AdManager Case Studies
    Actions speak louder than words, so we’ve included three case studies demonstrating the transformative power of Kaspien AdManager.

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