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The State of Amazon: 2021 Report


Contained within this whitepaper:

  • Infographic Summary of 2020
    Short on time? Use the infographic page for a summary of the biggest changes. Data visualization throughout the report makes it simple to find the most important details.
  • The Most Important Amazon Changes
    2020 was packed with significant events for Amazon, including record growth, antitrust investigations, the rise of brand acquirers, emerging marketplace rivals, and more.
  • What Lies Ahead in 2021
    Learn how the events of 2020 and early 2021 will shape brand strategy on Amazon in the coming years.

Architecting Amazon Ad Campaigns

How to Build Amazon Advertising Campaigns That Maximize Insights & Sales

Contained within this whitepaper:

  • 4 Ways to Structure Ad Groups within Campaigns
    Learn about 4 ways to arrange products and match types within ad groups, including pros and cons for each model.
  • Campaign Management Best Practices
    Learn how to architect multiple campaigns so they work in unison to maximize keyword generation and sales. The whitepaper also includes tactile tips, such as the ideal word count to use for each match type.
  • Case Studies Demonstrating Results from this Model
    See how two brands made substantial improvements in ACOS and sales as a result of restructuring their Amazon ad campaigns to utilize Kaspien’s proven campaign architecture.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Amazon Listings

How to Create, Upload, and Optimize Amazon Listings that Convert

Contained within this whitepaper:

  • How to Write Optimized Content
    Tips on how to write listing content for both the Amazon algorithm and the consumer
  • Listing Content Best Practices from a Top Amazon Seller
    Copy, image, and video asset requirements and content strategies we’ve learned from 12 years of experience as a top Amazon seller
  • Step-by-step Guide to Uploading Listing Content
    Learn how to efficiently upload both single and multiple listings through Seller Central with our step-by-step guide with screenshots

The Costs of Amazon

Pricing & Fees for 1P, 3P, and DTC

Contained within this whitepaper:

  • Expenses for the 3 Primary Business Models on Amazon
    Learn what brands are accountable for when working with Amazon Retail (1P), third-party sellers (3P), and operating a direct-to-consumer (DTC) Amazon business. 
  • Pros & Cons Overview and In-Depth
    The whitepaper provides high level overviews and in-depth analyses of the pros and cons for each business model, leaving readers with a clear understanding of which goals each business model is best suited for.
  • Actionable Advice & Insights
    Learn how to manually check who is selling your products on Amazon, how to write great listing content, and more in the actionable advice sections spread throughout the whitepaper.


Holistic Marketing on Amazon

The Myriad Benefits of a Comprehensive Amazon Marketing Strategy

A prominent skincare brand had previously centered their marketing around brick & mortar stores and their website. However, they recognized the enormous potential of marketing on Amazon, and tasked Kaspien with devising and implementing a robust marketing strategy. Download the case study to learn how we reached over 6.6M consumers, generated 49% sales growth YoY, and improved rank by over 28,000. 

Amplifying New Product Performance

Using PPC Software to Launch New Products to Success

A brand in the Baby and Toys category was rapidly adding new products to their catalog. As they grew, however, their Sponsored Product campaigns became less efficient and quickly ran out of budget. Download the case study to learn how we used our proprietary Amazon PPC software, AdManager, to dramatically decrease their ACoS while driving substantial sales growth. 

Transforming from Vendor to Seller

Leaving Vendor Central to Become a Successful Direct Seller

A brand in the electronics category decided they wanted to migrate their inventory out of Vendor Central and take more control of their Amazon sales channel. They partnered with Kaspien Agency, tasking our experts to create and manage their own Seller account. Download the case study to learn how Kaspien’s experts helped launch over 61 new SKUs on Amazon, growing sales by 51% within the first month!

Restoring Campaign Sustainability

Revising Campaign Strategy Yields Heightened Efficiencies

An apparel brand hired Kaspien to manage their Sponsored Product campaigns on Amazon. Their campaigns used an aggressive bidding strategy, which was driving up their ACoS. Download the case study to learn how Kaspien’s Amazon marketing professionals were able to reduce ACoS by 50% in a matter of weeks.

Breaking Into A New Market

Bringing an Amazon Canada Best Seller to the U.S.

A nutritional supplement company enjoyed tremendous success on Amazon Canada and partnered with Kaspien to expand to Amazon US, where they were still unknown. Download the case study to learn how Kaspien tailored our services to rapidly create and expand awareness among user shoppers.

Driving Sustainable Sales Growth

Leveraging PPC Software to Optimize ACoS

A supplements company partnered with Kaspien to grow their sales, without driving up ad costs. Download the case study to learn how our Amazon PPC software, enabled the brand to grow YoY sales by 46% without increasing ACoS.

Rapid Sales Growth on Amazon

Creating a Holistic Campaign to Accelerate Amazon Sales Growth

A brand in the Pet category had enjoyed success in brick and mortar stores, but they struggled to achieve the same results in their Amazon business, despite the long hours they invested. They hired Kaspien Agency to manage their Amazon channel for them. Download the case study to learn how Kaspien doubled monthly sales in just three months.

Resounding Success Using Kaspien’s PPC Software

Kaspien’s First Beta Client for AdManager is Thrilled

Over the last four years, Kaspien has built and perfected proprietary software for managing Amazon ad campaigns. Until 2020, the software was available only for Kaspien’s use, but that changed when NutraBio beta tested a self-service version of the software. Download the case study to hear how Kaspien AdManager revolutionized NutraBio’s approach to managing Amazon advertising campaigns.

Reclaiming Brand Control on Amazon

Transitioning away from Amazon Retail to Become a Seller

PureFit, a brand that makes nutrition bars, had previously sold their product wholesale to Amazon Retail, but they were dissatisfied with how little brand control that business model afforded them. They partnered with Kaspien Agency to help them sell directly through their own Seller account. Download the case study to learn how we helped PureFit create a highly profitable Seller account and recover over $4,000/month from Amazon’s fulfillment centers.


How to Protect Your Brand Against Unauthorized Sellers on Amazon

Proactive & Reactive Strategies to Eliminate Counterfeits & Rogue Sellers

  • 5 Amazon Programs for Brand Protection
    Learn how to use Brand Registry, IP Accelerator, Brand Gating, Transparency, and Project Zero to defend against gray market and black market sellers.
  • 5 DIY Tactics for Brand Protection
    Amazon is only one piece of the puzzle. Learn how to use IPR, differentiated packaging, non-commingled inventory, contracts, U.S. Customs to combat counterfeits.
  • Definitions for What Brands Legally Can & Cannot Do
    Brands cannot report sellers who have legitimate product, even if they’re unauthorized. Nor can you report MAP violations. So, what can you do in these cases?

The Amazon Seller’s Guide to the Toys & Games Category

How Entertainment Continually Renews Opportunities

  • Overview of the Toys & Games Category
    Amazon 1P captures 42% of toy sales on Amazon, Lego’s sales surpassed $7 billion, and 26,000 games have been funded through Kickstarter. And yet, there remains rich opportunities for those who know how to find them.
  • Regulations for Selling Toys & Games on Amazon
    Many toys and games are marketed to children under 12 years old, and that means they are subject to strict legal and marketplace regulations. Not meeting all requirements can interrupt sales for weeks to months.
  • 13 Ways to Increase Sales on Amazon
    Product demonstration videos, expansion packs, building excitement through YouTube influencers – these are just a few of the many ways Toys & Games brands can boost awareness and grow Amazon sales.

The Amazon Seller’s Guide to Sports & Outdoors

Set a New Personal Best

  • Overview of the Sports & Outdoors Category
    The Sports & Outdoors category contains a broad range of products. Pricing can differ drastically between and even among product types.
  • Regulations for Selling Sports & Outdoors Products Online
    The Sports & Outdoor category is generally a low-risk category with a few notable exceptions: Pesticides, pesticide devices, and weapons. These three product types are subject to stricter regulatory requirements and restrictions.
  • Shopper Psychographics and Tailored Marketing Strategies
    Learn how to leverage Amazon DSP, product targeting ads, and social media marketing to maximize traffic, grow sales, and foster brand loyalty.

The Amazon Seller’s Guide to the Baby Category

We’ve Got You Babe

  • Overview of the Baby Category
    The Baby category is dominated by established brands whose offerings span numerous sub-categories. As a result, breaking into the Amazon channel as a new brand can be extremely challenging.
  • Regulations for Selling Baby Products Online
    Learn about which regulatory agencies oversee the category, restricted product types, testing requirements, and how to determine which regulations apply to you.
  • 12 Marketing Strategies for Baby Brands
    Learn how to coordinate social media marketing and Amazon marketing to maximize traffic, grow sales, and foster brand loyalty with parents and guardians.

First-to-Market Strategy Guide

How to Launch New Products on Amazon

  • How to Determine Your Marketplace Strategy
    One of your first and most important decisions will be how you enter the marketplace, which includes product selection, P&L considerations, fulfillment, and more.
  • Crash Course in Legal and Marketplace Requirements
    Learn about trademarks, UPC codes, product safety testing, online sales taxes, necessary documentation to open a seller account, and all the other headache-inducing but vital paperwork you need to do.
  • Proven Marketing Strategies for Launching New Products
    Learn how to build your marketing collateral from scratch using best practices, as well as which marketing services to invest in early and how much you should budget.

The Amazon Seller’s Guide to Electronics

Becoming Wired for Success on Amazon

  • Overview of the Electronics Category
    The Electronics category is one of the largest, most competitive, and most mature categories on Amazon. To succeed in this category, brands need to be ready to hit the ground running.
  • Electronics Category Regulations & Requirements
    Learn about which regulatory agencies oversee the category, which product types have stricter requirements, how to satisfy Amazon’s SDS requirements, and more.
  • 14 Marketing Strategies Tailored for the Electronics Category
    Electronics shoppers tend to research before they buy. Learn how to make their research (and buying decision) easier.

A Seller’s Guide to Pet Supplies

The Best Doggone Guide for Selling Pet Products on Amazon

  • Overview of the Pet Supplies Category
    Learn about the top challenges, opportunities, and shopper psychographics for the Pet Supplies category on Amazon.
  • Regulations for Selling Pet Products Online
    Learn which steps brands need to take before they start selling their products on Amazon in order to comply with Amazon’s policies, protect their brand integrity, and safeguard consumers.
  • 10 Marketing Strategies Tailored for the Pets Category
    Enhance your strategy with 10 tactile tips for marketing on and off Amazon that you can act on immediately to improve your competitive positioning.

Walmart Fulfillment Services

Walmart’s Gamble to Challenge Amazon FBA

  • Overview of Walmart Fulfillment Services
    Learn what exactly is Walmart Fulfillment Services, what the benefits are, how it works, and how to apply.
  • How it Compares to Amazon FBA
    Amazon FBA has been key to driving Amazon’s dominance. Learn how Walmart Fulfillment Services stack up.
  • What This Means for the Future of Walmart
    This move is a major step in making Walmart into a true rival for Amazon’s online retail market share.

Kaspien AdManager

Software Automation for Amazon Sponsored Products

  • Software Overview
    Deep dive into AdManager’s capabilities, from automating campaign optimizations to empowering strategy with lifetime data storage and streamlined reporting.
  • How it Compares to Seller Central
    Learn how Kaspien AdManager compares to the standard features of Amazon Seller Central and other Amazon ad management software.
  • 3 AdManager Case Studies
    Actions speak louder than words, so we’ve included three case studies demonstrating the transformative power of Kaspien AdManager.


Amazon Dropshipping for SMBs & Enterprises

Since early 2020, Amazon FBA has repeatedly and without warning restricted inventory limits. The latest round of restrictions hit on May 24th. 

At this point, it’s clear that brands selling on Amazon need to be able to capture sales with or without FBA. And that’s where dropship shines.

Stop Counterfeit & Unauthorized Sellers from Stealing Your Profits

Unauthorized and counterfeit sellers are some of the most damaging and challenging issues brands face when selling on Amazon. This problem has become so great that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) even published a 54-page report about the issue in January 2020.

Clearly, there is a serious problem, but what can you do about it? That’s exactly what we cover in this on-demand webinar.

Turn SEO Into A Revenue Generator for Amazon

Search engine optimization is an essential ingredient for success on Amazon. The problem? Attributing revenue to SEO can be tricky, and as a result, SEO doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.

In this webinar, our leading SEO experts explain how to turn SEO into a measurable revenue generator for Amazon. This is a must-watch for marketing leaders interested in Amazon.

Opportunities & Challenges for Electronics Brands in 2021

The Electronics category is one of the largest, most competitive, and most mature categories on Amazon. Selling in this category is difficult, so Electronics brands need to be ready to hit the ground running. 

In this webinar, industry experts from Kaspien and Levin Consulting explore the competitive landscape for Electronics brands in physical and digital spaces, then delve into strategies for seizing opportunities and mitigating risks in 2021.

Last-Minute Tips to Dominate Q4 on Amazon 

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the historic peak of the holiday shopping season are critical times for many brands, and you need to ensure you’re positioned competitively before they arrive. 

Using data from Q4 2019 and Prime Day 2020, Kaspien’s Digital Marketing Specialist and Inbound Marketing Manager come together to share last minute, profit-growing tips for marketing that you can implement quickly before key sales days like Cyber Monday. 

Hoto Use Walmart Fulfillment Services to Grow Your Ecommerce Business 

The launch of Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) solidified Walmart’s position as a major power player in the industry. But, how do you, as a seller, take advantage of this gated, opportunity-filled marketplace? 

Experts from Kaspien and Walmart come together to a co-host a webinar and answer that question. Together, we cover how you can leverage Walmart Fulfillment Services to grow your brand on one of the world’s fastest-growing online marketplaces. 

How to Create a Nimble and Resilient Fulfillment Strategy

The novel coronavirus exposed the fragility of modern supply chains, with many companies running out of stock and struggling to replenish inventory quickly enough to meet consumer demand.  

In this webinar, leaders from MyFBAPrep, Amazon Lit, Expert University, and Kaspien come together to discuss how their companies adapted to impacted supply chains and how they created disaster-resistant fulfillment strategies.

The Interdependency of SEO and Sponsored Ads on Amazon

The way you optimize a product listing on Amazon directly impacts the performance of sponsored ads for that ASIN. As such, it is essential that your listing optimizations and ad optimizations work in tandem. Hosted by Kaspien‘s Digital Marketing Manager and SEO Manager, this webinar details what listing elements impact Amazon advertising performance the most and how to optimize both sides to create a harmonious, high-performing Amazon channel.

Key Considerations as You Ramp Up Your Ecommerce Strategy

The coronavirus has forced many brands to rethink their ecommerce strategy. Many are launching or expanding their efforts on Amazon and Walmart to mitigate the sales loss in brick and mortar stores. Others are pivoting their ecommerce strategy from a retail model (1P or 3P) to a direct to consumer (DTC) model.  

This webinar helps brands navigate through these decisions. The webinar opens with a review of the current state of ecommerce, why more and more brands are adopting a DTC strategy on Amazon and Walmart, and key considerations when deciding if a DTC strategy is right for your brand.

12 Amazon Marketing Opportunities & How to Use Them

Deep dive into 12 marketing tools available on Amazon with Kaspien‘s experts. In this webinar, Kaspien‘s Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Manager, and Inbound Marketing Manager walk through what each service is, how to use them independently, how to use them in coordination, and the results we’ve seen. Services to be covered include Amazon Attribution, Amazon Live, Sponsored Videos, Sponsored Display ads, and more! 

How to Create High Performing Amazon Ad Campaigns

This webinar provides a brief overview of how Amazon advertising works, then dives into how to create sponsored ad campaigns that maximize sales while driving down costs. More specifically, the webinar defines Broad, Phrase, and Exact match keywords and how to use them, how to structure campaigns to enable data insights at the product level, how to set bid optimizations based on your goals, and the benefits of automating bid optimizations.  

The webinar will also feature several demonstrations of Kaspien‘s proprietary Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) management software, AdManager. If you want to take a peak behind the curtain, now’s your chance! 


What is the Kaspien Platform?

Kaspien is a complete marketplace growth platform offering software & services to grow your brand online. We’ve been retailing on Amazon for 12+ years and have used that experience to build advanced software, develop robust services, and represent brands directly through our agency model. If you sell online, we have something to offer you.

Take a look at our videos and let us know if you have any questions!

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Kaspien AdManager: Amazon Ad Management Software for Sponsored Ad Campaigns

Channel Auditor: Returning Money to FBA Sellers for Errors in Amazon’s Warehouses

Kaspien Agency: Empowering Brands to Become Online Sellers

How Kaspien Increases Sales and Traffic on Amazon

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How and Why to Use the Amazon Attribution Program

Why and How You Should Apply to Amazon’s Brand Registry Program

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