Master the Marketplace delves into the inner workings of all things ecommerce. In each episode, Kaspien CEO Kunal Chopra is joined by industry experts to discuss critical topics for growing a successful online business.

Master the Marketplace episode 18
Ep. 18: A Crash Course for Selling on Amazon, Featuring ‘My Amazon Guy’
Ep. 17: etailz Rebrands to Kaspien to Launch Next Era of Growth
master the marketplace episode 16
Ep. 16: Building An Online Brand And Finding Your Partner, Featuring “goTRG”
Master the Marketplace Episode 15
Ep. 15: Contextual Commerce & the Rise of Online Grocery, Featuring ‘Chicory’
Master the Marketplace podcast episode 14
Ep. 14: Should Companies Get Political?
Ep. 13: Spokane, WA: The Next Big Tech Hub?
Master the Marketplace podcast episode 12
Ep. 12: Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Discusses Diversifying Sales Channels
Master the Marketplace compliance episode
Ep. 11: Product Compliance & Risk Management on Amazon
Ep. 10: Driving Success on Amazon, Featuring ‘Buy Box Experts’
Ep. 9: How to Source Products & Optimize the Supply Chain
Master the Marketplace - Social Media Marketing and Amazon
Ep. 8: Social Media Marketing and Amazon
etailz podcast Master the Marketplace
Ep. 7: Amazon Sponsored Ads – Strategy, Performance, Budgeting, and More
Magique Beauty on etailz Podcast
Ep. 6: Success Stories – Magique Beauty Discusses Counterfeits, 1P vs 3P, and the Coronavirus
Ep. 5: Trending Topics – The Coronavirus’s Impact on Commerce
Master the Marketplace Episode 4
Ep. 4: The Amazon Jungle: Operations & Marketing on Amazon
Master the Marketplace Episode 3
Ep. 3: Protecting Your Brand Online: Counterfeits, Pricing, & Rogue Sellers
Ep. 2: Expanding to New Domestic and International Marketplaces
Ep. 1: Which Amazon Business Model Is Right For You? First-Party vs Third-Party
Trailer: Welcome to Master the Marketplace