Stefan Haney is the managing principal of Vantage international. Haney worked at Amazon from 2003 to 2019, witnessing firsthand the creation of Amazon Prime, Kindle, FBA, AWS, and more. Haney notably led the development of Seller Central from 2009 to 2016, where he learned what makes great sellers great. In this episode, he joins fellow ex-Amazonian Kunal Chopra to discuss mental models for running successful businesses. They also review the rise of Amazon-only brands, which are now being bought up by brand aggregators, like Thrasio, Heyday, and Perch. They briefly explore how Amazon is responding to Walmart’s and Shopify’s success in 2020, before returning to their shared roots at Amazon, sharing their most important leadership lessons and how to successfully apply Amazon’s models to new businesses. Learn more about Vantage International at https://vantageleader.com/

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Kunal Chopra