Chris McCabe is a former Amazonian and the founder of ecommerceChris, a company that helps Amazon sellers reinstate suspended listings and seller accounts. In this episode, Chris shares about his years as a Seller Performance Investigator at Amazon, and how he used that knowledge to create ecommerceChris. Kunal and Chris discuss why Amazon suspends accounts, how sellers can avoid suspensions, and how to expedite account recovery if it is suspended.


What You’ll Learn

02:45 – Chris McCabe’s experience at Amazon and what led him to creating his company, ecommerceChris

5:45 – How Amazon’s marketplace compliance policies have changed through the years and post-covid

15:02 – How brands can take a proactive approach to avoiding Amazon account suspensions

19:44 – Predictions for Amazon cleanup on fraud

22:58 – What steps you should take if your Amazon account gets suspended


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Kunal Chopra