Ep. 37: How to Scale Your Ecommerce Brand to Reach and Drive Acquisition

Want to learn the future of e-commerce? What does re-envisioning the future of e-commerce operations really look like? Is there really a one-stop-shop for direct-to-consumer brands?

Remington Tonar, Chief Operating Officer of Cart.com, an innovating company that is renovating the e-commerce space. Kunal and Remington discuss the process of direct to consumer and what avenues brands can take to solve the problem of expanding their brand to reach and drive acquisition. What you’ll learn 2:00 what is Cart.com, what do they do, 5:30 Remington’s journey to cart.com, 16:20 what lies ahead for brick and mortar, 18:00 the new name for ecommerce, 23:00 what integrating ecommerces to other platforms should look like.

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