Selling on Amazon is like playing a complex game: It’s a fierce competition with its own set of rules, moving pieces, nuanced strategies, and winners and losers. And over the last few years, the game has changed; rapidly and in significant ways. Some Amazon marketing strategies that were effective several years ago just aren’t viable now, and brands must adjust their strategies to account for the new challenges and opportunities.  

As a result of these changes, many brands at Toy Fair 2019 asked us the same question: How can we drive growth in an increasingly saturated market?  

etailz has spent the last ten years navigating Amazon’s twists and turns to become a top FBA seller. Along the way, we’ve built some toys of our own to make our strategies even more effective, including Perispect, our proprietary price monitoring software, and AdManager, our proprietary CPC optimization algorithm. 

Here are the highlights: 

How to Run Competitive Marketing in Saturated Markets 

1. Limit Sellers

Many brands enter ecommerce thinking the more retailers they have selling their product, the more they will sell, but that’s a fallacy. In reality, more sellers weakens marketing, which results in fewer sales. 

In reality, more sellers weakens marketing, which results in fewer sales. 

Why? Because when multiple sellers are in the same listing, their ads compete not only against other brands, but also against each other. It’s like a chariot race, but the horses are vying for control over each other rather than working as one to take the lead. 

When you work with an exclusive partner, you ensure all of your marketing dollars work in unison to drive the greatest possible effect. 

For those struggling to remove unauthorized sellers from their listings, etailz’s brand watch software, Perispect, can be a life saver. It monitors sellers and their prices, and if a seller violates your pricing policy, Persipect collects evidence and notifies you. etailz can also provide strategic counseling for additional steps your brand can take to remove rogue sellers and prevent future intrusions.

2. Market Beyond Amazon

Half of online shoppers don’t start on Amazon, which represents a huge potential market. etailz partners with influencers and runs social media ads to tap into that market, extending our partners’ reach beyond Amazon to connect with consumers where they’re already at. 

Marketing through social media ads and influencers can be especially impactful for the Toys & Games industry, whose target audience is thoroughly engaged in social media: Nearly 90% of US adults aged 18-29 used social media during 2018. Creating a holistic strategy involving influencer marketing, social media ads, giveaways, and coupons is a great way for the industry to stay top of mind with their target audience and capture more sales throughout the year 

3. Optimize Amazon CPC Ads

Drawing more traffic from offsite is a huge win, but once shoppers are on Amazon, how can a Toy company stand out in one of the most saturated categories on Amazon?  

At etailz, we place your products front and center with Amazon sponsored product ads. We enhance our CPC campaigns with AdManagerour proprietary bid optimization software that has over 5,000 hours invested in its development. AdManager uses a machine learning algorithm to automate Sponsored Product campaigns, continuously optimizing bids and search terms to amplify efficiency and performance.  

Best yet, we don’t charge partners for access to AdManager. It’s complimentary to all Sponsored Product campaigns run through etailz. 

If you want to run more effective marketing, draw more listing traffic, and generate more conversions, contact your account manager or reach out to us through our contact form. 

We had a great time meeting brand owners at Toy Fair, and we’re excited to continue those conversations.