We send our teams to industry tradeshows to work, but when dogs are involved, it’s a bit more like vacation.  

We saw some great developments at Global Pet Expo this year. The show facilitated one-on-one interviews with brand representatives where they could talk about their products and show experiences. These informal talks were a great way for brands to get exposure amongst their colleagues and share what makes them different.  

How to make a brand distinct quickly became a central focus in our discussions. Companies in this industry want to set themselves apart from the competition.  

Standing Out from the Pack

 There are few things so universally loved as pets, and one byproduct of that love is there is a massive and dense market of pet products. When every other pet-focused company offers a squirrel dog toy, how do you draw shoppers to your listing?  

Create an inviting brand experience. 

What we mean by that is to create a shopping experience packed with personality and information. Your website, social pages, and Amazon listings should offer a consistent, personable experience that engages shoppers while providing enough information. By doing so, you can build a relationship with your customers, sharing in humor, love for your pets, and desire for their wellbeing. 

On Amazon, an inviting brand experience involves utilizing A+ Detail Pages and Enhanced Brand Content, brand stores, lifestyle images, and product videos. Outside of Amazon, it means multiple social posts per week accompanied by high-quality imagery and copy. etailz’s marketing team can help you with all of it. 

If you need a hand with producing photos or videos, you can hire our Creative Services team. If you fill out this photo & video questionnaire, we’ll send you a price quote.  

It’s a Dog Eat Dog World

 Unfortunately, selling on Amazon is not always a walk in the park. Pet toys and accessories frequently have lower price points, which makes pricing wars especially dangerous. With little wriggle room in margin, price wars over the buy box can quickly become a zero-sum game.  

The best defense is to work with sellers you trust to uphold your pricing policies or to sell directly from your own account. etailz can help you succeed in either path.  

We had a barking good time at Global Pet Expo this year, and we’re excited to continue improving our services for the Pet Products category.