Over the last ten years, Kaspien (formerly etailz) has established itself as a trusted expert within the baby category on Amazon. This year, we were able to share our expertise with attending brands at the Fall 2018 ABC Kids Expo, where Kaspien’s Partner Optimization Account Manager, Kenley Seefeld, gave a presentation about how brands can successfully navigate the diverse challenges of selling on Amazon.

In addition to speaking at the Expo, Kaspien also met in-person with many partners and visited brand booths, where we saw incredible products slated to launch on Amazon in the coming months. We also participated in the first annual Juvie Games, which among other things, included a race to swaddle a baby doll (If you were wondering, we lost. But we had a great time in the attempt!). The Juvie Games were held in the Brooklyn Bowl as part of a meet and greet social event that included games, drinks, and bowling. It was a great ice breaker for the Expo, and it made our conversations over the following days more productive.

Many of those conversations revolved around three topics: Brand protection, marketplace saturation, and how to successfully launch new products on Amazon. We’ve included some of our key tips below:

Brand Protection

Many of the brands we spoke with at ABC were concerned about brand protection, particularly against rogue sellers and MAP violators. We advised brands to pare down the number of sellers they work with and instead focus on growing with a few trusted partners, restoring control over their brand’s future.

Improving SERP Placement in Saturated Markets

The baby category is one of the most saturated categories on Amazon, which makes gaining good position on SERP even more challenging. We discussed ways brands can improve their SERP placement, with an emphasis on inbound marketing. Because the baby category is so saturated, brands should consider using social media ads and influencer campaigns to grow brand awareness outside of marketplace, and drive targeted, off-site audiences directly to listings for conversion.

We were also able to connect with City Moms Blog Network, which regularly shares lists of their favorite products for moms. Kaspien will collaborate with City Moms Blog Network, submitting suggestions of innovative new products that City Moms Blog Network can consider for inclusion in their seasonal wishlists.

Launching New Products

The third much-discussed topic was how to successfully launch new products on Amazon. We advised brands to build strong foundations, launching new products with high-quality studio and lifestyle images and compelling listing copy so shoppers have everything they need right from the beginning to purchase with confidence. Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program is another great option for brands trying to generate product reviews to help listings gain early traction.

Altogether, we had great conversations at ABC Kids Expo, and we’re excited to transform those conversations into action as we move into Q4 and Q1.