Kaspien (formerly etailz) proprietary AdManager software for optimizing Amazon ads is accepting beta applicants

  • AI-powered, self-serve software delivers 50% drop in ACoS, 30% sales increase & 10:1 ROAS
  • Putting 11 years of Amazon experience and $800M+ in marketplace sales to work


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash.–Nov. 19, 2019Kaspien, Inc., a leading e-commerce marketplace growth platform, is seeking beta applicants for Kaspien AdManager, its proprietary, AI-powered Amazon ad management software. Drawing on 11 years at the forefront of the Amazon marketplace, where Kaspien has surpassed $800 million in marketplace sales and guided 4,000+ brands through selling on Amazon, AdManager self-serve software optimizes bids across all campaigns. 

AdManager is a proven ad management tool that we’ve developed and refined over the past several years while running Amazon ad campaigns internally for our partners,” said Kaspien CEO Kunal Chopra. “We are excited to allow brand partners direct access to this powerful tool that drives incremental sales on Amazon and the best possible ad campaign results.” 

Amazon is the number three ad seller in the U.S. and will net $10 billion in U.S. ad revenues this year, which represents almost 8 percent of the digital ad market, according to eMarketer.  

Kaspien AdManager impact

In the first three months after AdManager’s implementation, brand partners have seen a 50 percent reduction in the advertising cost of sales (ACoS), a 30% lift in total sales, and a 10:1 return on advertising spend (ROAS) on $48 million alone in sponsored product sales. 

“As the Amazon marketplace becomes more competitive, brands must implement more proactive and aggressive strategies to succeed on Amazon and other marketplaces,” said  Chopra. “AdManager is an integral part of the Kaspien marketplace growth platform and the beta is open and accepting applications on kaspien.com.”

Apply to the Kaspien AdManager beta here

Made for Sellers, by Sellers

AdManager uses AI to automatically optimize bids across Amazon cost per click (CPC) / pay per click (PPC) campaigns, maximizing efficiency and sales, specifically in the following areas:

  • Bid optimization: Every day, AdManager automatically bids up or down at the keyword level based on any combination of metrics, including ACoS, ROAS, clicks, CPC, ideal cost per advertisement (CPA), ideal CPC, sales, and more. 
  • Search term mining: AdManager identifies high-converting search terms and adds them to a brand’s list of keywords, continuously improving campaign performance.
  • Budget optimization: AdManager ensures that high-performing campaigns keep running, regardless of the budget ceiling. If a campaign is exceeding goal metrics, AdManager can automatically increase the daily budget to maintain momentum. 
  • Keyword negation: AdManager evaluates current keywords and automatically negates low-performing terms, minimizing wasted ad spend and increasing campaign relevancy.  

Lifetime data and customization 

  • AdManager enables sellers to access lifetime data for Amazon ad campaigns, which is a stark contrast to the limited 60 days of data provided within Amazon’s platform.
  • The software as a service (SaaS) offers more customization for managing Amazon ad campaigns than any competitor. For example, sellers can create custom product-level optimizations that can manipulate bids based on specific key performance indicators (KPIs).

About Kaspien, Inc.

Kaspien, Inc. is the ultimate online growth platform for brands interested in rapidly scaling business growth on the Amazon, Walmart, eBay marketplaces and beyond. Kaspien empowers brands to achieve their e-commerce marketplace goals with its marketplace growth ecosystem that includes its proprietary technology, mutually beneficial partnerships and tailored retail strategies and services. Deep expertise stems from 11 years at the forefront of Amazon marketplace e-commerce, $800 million+ in marketplace sales and 4,000+ brand partnerships. As a result, Kaspien accelerates revenue growth while promoting, positioning and protecting brands. Led by CEO Kunal Chopra, Kaspien is a subsidiary of Trans World Entertainment Corp. 


Contact: Leigh Barer for Kaspien

leigh@barrcom.com; 206-755-1090