Kaspien (formerly etailz) launches proprietary Channel Auditor software that recouped $3.5M+ in Amazon seller reimbursements

  • Automates identification of seller cases to recover FBA fees, saves time
  • Based on 11 years as an Amazon seller and $800M+ in marketplace sales

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash.–Nov. 21, 2019Kaspien, Inc., a leading ecommerce marketplace growth platform, today launched its proprietary Channel Auditor software, which has recovered more than $3.5 million in Amazon seller repayments for Kaspien alone. Channel Auditor was developed to automate and simplify fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) seller case management so sellers can focus on their core business. 

“Channel Auditor’s automated software transforms the Amazon case management process from ambiguous and time-consuming to effective and fast, so sellers can recover every dollar that Amazon owes them in real time,” said Kaspien CEO Kunal Chopra. “Based on more than a decade of selling on Amazon, Kaspien developed Channel Auditor to capture Amazon reimbursements for the products we manufacture and sell on the Amazon marketplace. Now, Kaspien’s end-to-end channel management agency and retail services partners can experience the Channel Auditor difference.” 

Without Channel Auditor, the manual Amazon case management process is inefficient and tedious, requiring sellers to:

  • download up to 12 separate reports.
  • cross-reference reports to identify reconciliations.
  • file and manage separate Amazon cases for each instance where Amazon owes the seller money, while complying with each case’s unique allowance window
  • wait up to a month to actualize, which requires careful tracking and frequent follow-up on all submitted cases.
  • review Amazon statements to ensure reimbursement was the correct amount, even after a case is closed.

How Channel Auditor works

Brands that use Amazon’s fulfillment centers are entitled to recover costs for lost or damaged inventory, overcharged fulfillment and storage fees, other mismanaged inventory or incorrect reimbursement. Channel Auditor:

  • walks a seller through the easy, two-step process for linking its seller account with Channel Auditor. 
  • automatically reviews a seller account for over 17 case types, then creates and manages these cases on its behalf.

There is no risk to the seller. Kaspien only gets paid when the seller does.

Find out more about Channel Auditor here

About Kaspien, Inc.

Kaspien, Inc. is the ultimate online growth platform for brands interested in rapidly scaling business growth on the Amazon, Walmart, eBay marketplaces and beyond. Kaspien empowers brands to achieve their e-commerce marketplace goals with its marketplace growth ecosystem that includes its proprietary technology, mutually beneficial partnerships and tailored retail strategies and services. Deep expertise stems from 11 years at the forefront of Amazon marketplace e-commerce, $800M+ in marketplace sales and 4,000+ brand partnerships. As a result, Kaspien accelerates revenue growth while promoting, positioning and protecting brands. Led by CEO Kunal Chopra, Kaspien is a subsidiary of Trans World Entertainment Corp. 


Contact: Leigh Barer for Kaspien

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