CES 2019 hit the wow factor out of the park this year, with sensational items like 8K TVs and the Impossible Burger, which may have taken fake meat beyond the uncanny valley for beef products. Electronic vehicles and smart home devices that seem more science fiction than reality caused stirs of their own. 

While the products themselves are amazing, we had to pull our eyes away from the flashy gizmos and turn our attention to the people who create them. Every day at CES, we met with dozens of brands to discuss the latest series of challenges faced by the electronics industry, including saturated markets and struggling to educate online customers using only digital content.

Increasing Brand Control in Saturated Markets

The electronics category is one of the most widely distributed and saturated categories in retail. Porous distribution has many symptomatic challenges, but perhaps the most disruptive is rogue sellers, who can damage brands’ online reputations, drive down prices, and reduce profitability. 

With such a concern, many electronics companies were eager to discuss Perispect, our proprietary brand watch and price monitoring software, and our channel management division, Marketplace Growth Partners. Perispect allows brands to identify who is selling their product and at what prices. The software automatically alerts brands to pricing violations, empowering them to reassert control over their distributors and sellers. Marketplace Growth Partners is a partnership option for brands that want to represent themselves on marketplaces rather than selling through a third party. By partnering with this division, brands retain maximum channel control while still benefitting from etailz’s unparalleled expertise and data-driven technologies.

Educating Customers Through Digital Content

One of the most widespread practical challenges for electronics companies is customer education. Electronics products tend to be complex, and trying to explain those complex devices and their benefits through only digital content can be tricky. Nevertheless, it’s absolutely necessary. Shoppers need to understand a product before they’ll make a purchase, and that means customer education must be possible at the place of purchase. If shoppers find your product on Amazon but must open a new browser page to understand it, you’ve just slowed and possibly derailed their journey to purchase. 

The solution: Invest in quality creative assets. High-resolution photography, professional demonstration videos, and easy-to-understand, compelling copy are significant factors in a consumer’s purchasing decision. Use these assets to answer questions before they’re asked, highlighting both product features and benefits. What awesome tech is in this product, and how does that awesome tech benefit the user’s experience? If your company needs photography or video services, our in-house Creative & Digital Services team can help. 

As always with events like this, our primary goal at CES was to get boots on the ground so we can stay up-to-speed with the needs of our partners. We’re pleased to report another successful journey. Stay awesome, electronics. We’ll talk soon.