by Kenley Seefeld, Partner Optimization Account Manager

2018 was etailz’s first visit to the SURF Expo in Orlando, FL. The show floor was filled with a variety of brands, memorable booths, and fun events. The crowd particularly loved getting to see the fashion show incorporating looks from over 35 attending brands, the highlight and lowlight surf video reel by Connelly’s booth, and the beer-filled Hydroflasks given out as samples.

Saltwater Hippie's booth drew a lot of attention at SURF Expo 2018
Saltwater Hippie’s booth drew a lot of attention at SURF Expo 2018.

During the show, we spoke with brands about their selling strategy both on and offline. In an industry so loyal to specialty surf shops and brick and mortar stores, the conversation around Amazon often revolved around controlling counterfeit product, upholding brand image, and respecting MAP pricing. It was a great chance to talk through some of the obstacles brands are facing with ecommerce and the solutions that we’ve had success implementing as an experienced third party retailer.

After running into some opposition and confusion surrounding Amazon, many of our conversations revolved around Amazon education. Several brands wanted advice on how to properly position themselves on marketplaces, drive volume, and optimize their channels while still maintaining complete control of their brand. We were able to provide tips, ongoing success stories, and helpful resources, including Master the Marketplace, a three day conference put on by etailz, covering everything you need to know about how to best position your brand on Amazon. We’re looking forward to continuing these conversations there!