Webinar: How to Stop Counterfeit Sellers from Stealing Your Profits, with VantageBP 

Unauthorized and counterfeit sellers are one of the most damaging and challenging issues brands face when selling on Amazon. This problem has become so great that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) even published a 54-page report about the issue in January 2020.  The report states that between 2005 and 2016, international trade of counterfeit goods rose from $200 […]

Kaspien Raises $13.5MM in Equity Funding!

I’m excited to announce that Kaspien has raised $13.5MM in equity funding from the public markets through Aegis Capital. This fundraising round comes at a pivotal point in our journey as Kaspien transitions from our “Growth” phase into our “Scale” phase.  As CEO of a mission–driven company, I like to start my conversations with our mission statement, which is to […]

Trends & Predictions for Ecommerce in 2021 

2020 accelerated the adoption of ecommerce. Companies that are obsessed with customer experience are among the most successful, with Amazon being a prime example. This is true for brands selling on Amazon as well: with more choices than ever before for both products and marketplaces, online shoppers have high expectations for product selection, shipping speed, listing content, price, […]

Why do eCommerce Marketplaces have Fast Delivery Programs? 

Amazon Prime launched a movement of 2-day deliveries, which has shifted from a competitive advantage to an expectation today. Walmart has Walmart TwoDay Delivery, eBay has eBay Fast ‘N Free, Wish has Wish 2-day, and even individual D2C websites are sporting 2-day delivery tags. (Source) Marketplaces and independent shops across the web leverage fast delivery […]

Ep. 29: 2020’s Impact on the Future of Ecommerce

2020 accelerated the adoption of online shopping by as much as 10 years, according to experts. In this episode of Master the Marketplace, Kaspien’s CEO, General Manager of Retail, and Vice President of Business Development discuss how 2020 changed the Amazon landscape and the future of ecommerce. They discuss the surge in Chinese-based Amazon sellers, […]

Kaspien Reaches a Billion Dollars in Lifetime Revenue on Ecommerce Marketplaces

Throughout the rise of the ecommerce marketplaces, millions of sellers have emerged, but few have endured long along to reach a billion dollars in lifetime revenue. Kaspien is pleased to announce that, this week, we reached this milestone. “One billion in lifetime revenue represents a significant milestone in the history of our company,” said Brock […]

Ep. 27: Fulfillment Methods for Ecommerce, featuring Waleed Shahzad of ShipHype

https://youtu.be/qGst4XMnaRMWaleed Shahzad is the founder of ShipHype, a third-party logistics provider for ecommerce that offers product prep, fulfillment, and storage. In this episode, he joins Kunal to pull back the curtain into the world of logistics built around ecommerce. Amazon FBA has long led the way, but third-party providers are finding innovative ways to add […]

Five Steps To Creating An Aligned Company

5 Steps to Creating an Aligned Company

Originally published on Forbes. In today’s global and fast-paced world, information flows at the speed of light. It’s also widely available, so new competitors appear very quickly. To survive in this landscape, companies must be able to react to new information quickly and strategically. In short, they need to be “agile.” Agility is a social […]

Ep. 25: How to Identify & Address Unauthorized Sellers

Kunal is joined by Richard Taylor, one of Kaspien’s Account Managers for SaaS products. Since 2017, Richard has overseen Perispect, Kaspien’s price & seller tracking software. As a result, he’s grown into an industry expert at identifying and resolving issues with unauthorized sellers. In this episode, Richard defines what rogue sellers are and the problems […]

2020 in Review and Our Vision for 2021

Kaspien 2020 in Review

2020 has been a year like none other. As we approach its end, I want to take a moment to review all that we’ve achieved in this remarkable year. None of it would have been possible without our partners, who trusted us to get through this year together. Thank you for your partnership. Here’s to growing together in the new year!  What We Planned  In December 2019, […]

How to Create a Nimble and Resilient Fulfillment Strategy

HOW TO CREATE A NIMBLE AND RESILIENT FULFILLMENT STRATEGY The novel coronavirus exposed the fragility of modern supply chains, with many companies running out of stock and struggling to replenish inventory quickly enough to meet consumer demand. In this webinar, leaders from MyFBAPrep, Amazon Lit, Expert University, and Kaspien come together to discuss how their […]

What Is The Kaspien Platform?

Kaspien is a $1 billion ecommerce business with over 12 years of experience retailing on major marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Originally a third-party seller, Kaspien now boasts a robust platform of software and services that can be deployed for brands in three ways: retailer, agency, and software provider. Our Retail division partners with […]