How to Stop Knock Off Products on Amazon

How to Stop Knockoff Products on Amazon

Table of Contents Knock Off Products are a Common Challenge One of the most frustrating experiences is when someone else takes credit for your work. On Amazon, this manifests as another company creating a copycat, knock off, or downright counterfeit or your product. To make matters worse, they often do so while undercutting your pricing […]

Ep. 38: Trends You Should Know if You’re a Seller on Amazon Chris McCabe is a former Amazonian and the founder of ecommerceChris, a company that helps Amazon sellers reinstate suspended listings and seller accounts. In this episode, Chris shares about his years as a Seller Performance Investigator at Amazon, and how he used that knowledge to create ecommerceChris. Kunal and Chris discuss why Amazon suspends […]

Amazon Q3 Earnings Analysis: Ecommerce Tailwinds Dissipate 

Amazon Q3 Earnings Analysis

For the first time in its history, Amazon reported negative Q2-to-Q3 growth, with Amazon Q3 earnings showing decreases to both top line and bottom line performance year-over-year. The disappointing results were followed by a 4.3% drop in shares. Overview Net sales increased 15% YoY to $110.8B compared to $96.1B in Q3 2020 Operating cash flow decreased 1% for the trailing twelve months […]

Ep. 37: How to Scale Your Ecommerce Brand to Reach and Drive Acquisition

Want to learn the future of e-commerce? What does re-envisioning the future of e-commerce operations really look like? Is there really a one-stop-shop for direct-to-consumer brands? Remington Tonar, Chief Operating Officer of, an innovating company that is renovating the e-commerce space. Kunal and Remington discuss the process of direct to consumer and what avenues […]

Driving Traffic Sellzone

Drive More Traffic to Your Amazon Listings: 5 Channels That Deliver Brands selling on Amazon have two levers to pull to increase sales: increase listing traffic and increase conversion rates. In this webinar co-hosted with Sellzone, we tackle the former, breaking down strategies you can use to drive more traffic to your listings through reverse […]

White House Aims to Fix Supply Chain Bottleneck: Will it Help Amazon Sellers?

Will Fixing the Supply Chain Bottleneck Help Amazon Sellers?

Table of Contents On October 13th, the White House announced that Walmart, UPS, and FedEx will implement around the clock service to alleviate the supply chain bottleneck. Likewise, the Port of Los Angeles will implement 24/7 service, after recent photos showed dozens of cargo ships idling in nearby waters waiting for their turn to offload. A […]

Amazon Launches Holiday & Black Friday Deals Early to Boost Q3 Sales & Mitigate Supply Chain Issues

Amazon Holiday Beauty Haul & Black Friday Deals

Table of Contents Amazon Launches Holiday Beauty Haul & Early Black Friday Deals  The holiday shopping season has come early to Amazon this year, with Amazon announcing a 3-week sales event for beauty products in October called Holiday Beauty Haul. The sales event runs October 4-25th.  Additionally, Amazon has released Black Friday deals nearly two full months early!   Why is Amazon Launching Holiday & Black Friday Deals Early?  […]

7 Ways to Grow Your Amazon Storefront Followers 

How to Grow Your Amazon Storefront Followers

Table of Contents In recent years, Amazon has been making efforts to create a more personalized connection between shoppers and brands. Features such as A+ Content, Amazon Live, Amazon Stores, and Amazon Posts provide shoppers opportunities to evaluate brands alongside products when making their purchasing decisions. Furthering that initiative, shoppers now also have the ability to “follow” specific brands on Amazon. What Happens When Someone Follows a […]

Partner: ZippyPaws – Amazon Retail

ZippyPaws Transitions from Amazon Retail to Kaspien & Grows Revenue 139% The Challenge In 2018, ZippyPaws ended their relationship with Amazon Retail to partner with Kaspien as their exclusive Amazon seller. At the time, ZippyPaws had over 50 unauthorized sellers, pervasive counterfeit product issues, lost profits due to chargebacks, and Amazon rarely adhered to their […]

Partner: Strider – DSP Advertising

Strider Bikes Launches Amazon DSP Campaign to Capture $224K Sales The Challenge We’ve partnered with Strider on Amazon since 2018. As new competitors continued to appear, Strider needed a way to stand out and continue to capture market share. Amid the chaos of 2020, we launched one of our most ambitious Amazon DSP campaigns yet. […]

Partner: PlexiDor – FBA FBM

PlexiDor Uses Hybrid FBA + FBM Model to Grow Sales 75% The Challenge Prior to partnering with Kaspien, PlexiDor worked with a third-party seller that failed to uphold their commitments. After the poor experience, PlexiDor was hesitant to entrust inventory with another FBA seller, so they asked Kaspien to start by selling via FBM instead […]

Partner: Survivor Filter – Global Expansion

Survivor Filter Expands from CA to US and Grows Sales 292% The Challenge Survivor Filter partnered with Kaspien as their exclusive Amazon seller in 2019. As a Canadian brand, Survivor Filter had an established presence on Amazon Canada and sought a trusted partner to launch and grow their US business. Survivor Filter Expands from CA […]