TWEC.COM Announces Exciting Lineup of Events for the Week of 3/27 – 4/2

ALBANY, N.Y., March 23 /PRNewswire/ — TWEC.COM (, the
e-commerce site of leading entertainment products retailer Trans World
Entertainment Corporation (Nasdaq: TWMC), announced today its events for the
week of March 27. The RadioWoodstock On Stage series continues this week with
an audio broadcast of a concert starring Lunchmeat. The TWEC.COM and
Online Hip-Hop Awards chat series continues as The Web’s Entertainment Center
hosts live chats with Drag-On and Common. Also joining TWEC.COM for live
chats this week include Radford, Kevon Edmonds, Bosson and the Dazz Band. In
addition, tune in for live webcasts starring Matthew Sweet and Joan Baez and
Eliza Carthy. Details for each event are as follows:


  • The RadioWoodstock On Stage series continues this week as TWEC.COM
    broadcasts a taped audio concert starring Lunchmeat. The concert airs at
    the following times: Monday 3/27 at 4:00 PM EST, Wednesday 3/29 at
    11:00 AM EST, Saturday 4/1 at 3:00 AM EST and Sunday 4/2 at 7:00 PM EST.

  • At 8:00 PM EST, TWEC.COM will host a live chat with hot new rock band
    Radford. Radford recently released their self-titled debut, and the album
    is full of songs that cover a wide range of emotions and musical textures.
    The members of Radford purposely write open-ended songs, leaving the
    interpretation to the listener. “I’ve always loved music that allows you
    to interpret it in your own way,” says lead vocalist Jonny Mead. “I think
    many of our songs … can mean a lot of different things to a lot of
    different people.”

  • Following the chat with Radford, stick around for a live chat with
    Kevon Edmonds. Kevon recently released his debut solo album, 24/7, but his
    voice is one that is instantly recognizable, after his previous work as
    the lead singer in the popular music trio After 7. Kevon is set apart
    from others through his distinct voice and his heartfelt approach to every
    song that he sings. 24/7 features guest appearances from an all-star
    cast, including Kevon’s brother Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. The chat with
    Kevon Edmonds begins at 9:00 PM EST.

  • At 10:30 PM EST, the TWEC.COM and Online Hip-Hop Awards chat
    series continues with two live chats in one evening, beginning with a live
    chat with Drag-On. Drag-On is no stranger to the world of hip-hop – he’s
    had a long and prosperous history rapping in the background of hardcore
    rap albums, including albums by popular artists DMX, Ruff Ryders and DJ
    Clue. He recently released his debut solo album, Opposite of H2O, which
    proves that Drag-On is just as strong in the forefront as he is as a
    supporting artist.

  • The night concludes as The Web’s Entertainment Center hosts a live chat
    with Common at 11:30 PM EST. Common is widely regarded as one of the most
    gifted and intelligent rappers to break out into the mainstream in the
    late 1990s. Originally known as Common Sense, Common released a pair of
    albums in the early 1990s – Can I Borrow a Dollar? (1992) and Resurrection
    (1994). One of the tracks off of Resurrection, “I Used to Love H.E.R.”
    gained Common widespread respect in the underground hip-hop community for
    its criticism of gangsta rap. Common has rapped and collaborated with
    artists including Lauryn Hill, Q-Tip, De La Soul and Erykah Badu, just to
    name few.


  • At 9:30 PM EST, be sure to tune in to TWEC.COM and watch a live webcast
    starring Matthew Sweet, aired in conjunction with Electric Factory and
    iCON Broadcasting. Matthew Sweet is one of the leading figures of the
    American power-pop revival. Sweet combined traditional songcrafting with
    post-punk guitar riffs and tastes of country-rock to create a sound
    reminiscent of the Beatles, R.E.M and Neil Young. Sweet’s latest album,
    In Reverse, was released in late 1999. The album has received praise from
    critics across the music circuit and it “may be his crowning achievement.”
    (CMJ, 11/1/99, p.23).

    WEDNESDAY 3/29

  • At 4:30 PM EST, join TWEC.COM for a live chat with hot young singer
    Bosson. Currently on tour with LFO and teen pop princess Britney Spears,
    Bosson is a 25-year-old Sweden native whose debut single, “We Live,” is
    climbing up the charts. After performing with a band, Elevate, for
    several years, Bosson knew that he was destined for a solo career. After
    recording a house music track entitled “Baby, Don’t Cry,” Bosson was
    quickly noticed by an independent label and he was well on his way.


  • At 9:00 PM EST, visit The Web’s Entertainment Center and chat live with
    legendary funk band the Dazz Band as the United We Funk chat series
    continues. One of the most popular funk bands of the early 1980s, the
    Dazz Band was an eight-piece band that derived their name from their
    concept for the group, shortening “Danceable Jazz” to “Dazz.” The Dazz
    Band’s debut album was strong in dance-pop grooves, but they moved away
    from that musical style to create the groove-based funk that they quickly
    became known for.


  • At 9:30 PM EST, tune in to a live webcast with Joan Baez and Eliza
    Carthy, aired in conjunction with the Electric Factory and iCON
    Broadcasting. Joan Baez is a living music legend, widely recognized as
    the most accomplished folk singer of the 1960s. Over her 35-plus year
    career, she has had a strong influence on practically every aspect of
    popular music as we know it. Be sure to watch this live concert starring
    Baez and up-and-coming British singer Eliza Carthy, who seems poised to
    follow in Baez’s footsteps.

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