The State of Amazon
2022 Report

A collaboration of Kaspien and Sellzone

What's Inside?

  • Infographics covering changes in Amazon sales, marketing, traffic, and competitive positioning 
  • Review of the biggest Amazon news in 2021
  • Predictions and tips from a dozen Amazon experts for 2022

Contained Within This Whitepaper

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  • The Algorithm
    Learn how to find the happy middle by using keyword strings within website content to determine page rankings and placement on their search engine results page (SERP).
  • Best Practices
    Gain key insights into the best practices, rules, regulations, and content permissions for marketplace algorithms when creating Amazon listing content.
  • Amazon Listings
    Discover how to create a listing fully optimized from the start and overcome the headache due to the plethora of difficulties that can arise when trying to edit your listing post-creation.
  • Appendix
    Frequently used keywords and a content field checklist to keep you in the know and on track

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