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How much does it cost to sell on Amazon? More than it should if you’re not using Channel Auditor, Kaspien’s Amazon Seller FBA Refund software. Request a quote to find out how much we can recover for you.


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Amazon Owes You Money. The Question is, How Much?

FBA is a game-changing fulfillment network, but who audits Amazon? Amazon’s fulfillment centers regularly mishandle inventory, overcharge fulfillment and storage fees, and under-reimburse sellers. Using our software, Channel Auditor, we automatically identify cases eligible for FBA inventory reimbursement from the past 18 months.

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Save Time

We save you time! Without Channel Auditor, you’d have to manually cross-reference up to 17 reports to identify and submit cases.

Recover More Money

Thanks to automating the cross-referencing process, Channel Auditor also identifies more inventory reconciliation cases than a manual audit.

It's Affordable

Channel Auditor identifies and recovers money you would otherwise lose. You’re also saving on the labor costs from not having to manually identify and manage claims with Amazon.

How Amazon Reimbursement Works

Connect Your
Seller Account

Once we connect Channel Auditor to your Seller Central account, it automatically cross-references multiple reports to identify Amazon reimbursement cases for up to the previous 18 months.

Kaspien Identifies & Creates Cases

After FBA inventory reimbursement cases are identified, we file claims with Amazon using tactics proven to maximize success rates.

You Get Reimbursed

Through Channel Auditor, we track case progress and results in an Amazon FBA refund report. If Amazon under-reimburses you, we’ll file another case with Amazon to make it right.

Case Study

A brand in the hardware category started using Channel Auditor in August of 2021. In less than eight months, they recovered over $19,000 in Amazon reimbursements!


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What Does It Cost?

We retain 25% of reimbursed funds. Our easy commission model means

Start Collecting Amazon Reimbursements Today

Getting a Quote is Simple

Find out how much Amazon owes you. Simply follow the instructions for providing Channel Auditor API Authorizations for your Seller Central account, then we can share how much money we can recover before you commit to anything.