Channel Auditor identifies and files reimbursement cases with Amazon for mishandled inventory. To date, Channel Auditor has returned over $5MM.

Amazon Owes You Money

If you utilize Amazon’s fulfillment centers, then you’re losing out on money owed to you for lost or damaged inventory, overcharges on fulfillment and storage fees, or incorrect reimbursement.

Save Time

Channel Auditor saves countless hours by automating the process, freeing you to invest your time on other areas of your business.

Automated Case Management

Channel Auditor uses artificial intelligence to identify and manage cases for you, complying with each case’s unique allowance window.

Reimbursement Verification

Amazon doesn’t always reimburse the full amount owed. Channel Auditor verifies that you are correctly reimbursed and identifies new cases for incorrect reimbursement.


25% of Recovered Funds

Discounts available based on SKU count

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