How to Use WFS to Grow Your Business

How to Use Walmart Fulfillment Services to Grow Your Ecommerce Business The launch of Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) solidified Walmart’s position as a major power player in the industry. But, how do you, as a seller, take advantage of this gated, opportunity-filled marketplace? Experts from Kaspien and Walmart come together to a co-host a webinar […]

Understanding the Interdependency of Amazon SEO & Sponsored Ads

The Interdependency of SEO and Sponsored Ads on Amazon The way you optimize a product listing on Amazon directly impacts the performance of sponsored ads for that ASIN. As such, it is essential that your listing optimizations and ad optimizations work in tandem. Hosted by Kaspien‘s Digital Marketing Manager and SEO Manager, this webinar details […]

Key Considerations

Key Considerations as You Ramp Up Your Ecommerce Strategy The coronavirus has forced many brands to rethink their ecommerce strategy. Many are launching or expanding their efforts on Amazon and Walmart to mitigate the sales loss in brick and mortar stores. Others are pivoting their ecommerce strategy from a retail model (1P or 3P) to […]

Ad Campaigns

How to Create High Performing Amazon Ad Campaigns This webinar provides a brief overview of how Amazon advertising works, then dives into how to create sponsored ad campaigns that maximize sales while driving down costs. More specifically, the webinar defines Broad, Phrase, and Exact match keywords and how to use them, how to structure campaigns […]