How to Create and Use Amazon Coupons in Seller Central

Amazon Coupons are a highly effective marketing tool, increasing product visibility and sales velocity. In 2020, Kaspien ran 200 coupons, managing $70,000 in coupon spend, generating $385,000 in attributable sales. That equates to a 18% advertising cost of sale (ACOS) or 5.5 return on ad spend (ROAS). There’s good reason that coupons have endured in […]

What Is The Kaspien Platform?

Kaspien is a $1 billion ecommerce business with over 12 years of experience retailing on major marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Originally a third-party seller, Kaspien now boasts a robust platform of software and services that can be deployed for brands in three ways: retailer, agency, and software provider. Our Retail division partners with […]

Why and How You Should Apply to Amazon’s Brand Registry Program

Amazon Brand Registry helps you protect your intellectual property and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers on Amazon. In this video, we demonstrate how to apply for brand registry and the many benefits for Amazon sellers, including: Infringement reporting tool Brand integrity protection Access to Amazon Attribution Program Access to Amazon Live Brand […]

How and Why to Use the Amazon Attribution Program

The Amazon Attribution Program enables any Amazon brand registered brand to create trackable links to gain insight into sales, clicks, etc. from off-platform advertising such as social media, influencer, and search marketing. In this video, we walk through how to sign up for the program, get started, create attribution links, and pull reports. ► Read […]