Partner: ZippyPaws – Amazon Retail

ZippyPaws Transitions from Amazon Retail to Kaspien & Grows Revenue 139% The Challenge In 2018, ZippyPaws ended their relationship with Amazon Retail to partner with Kaspien as their exclusive Amazon seller. At the time, ZippyPaws had over 50 unauthorized sellers, pervasive counterfeit product issues, lost profits due to chargebacks, and Amazon rarely adhered to their […]

Partner: Strider – DSP Advertising

Strider Bikes Launches Amazon DSP Campaign to Capture $224K Sales The Challenge We’ve partnered with Strider on Amazon since 2018. As new competitors continued to appear, Strider needed a way to stand out and continue to capture market share. Amid the chaos of 2020, we launched one of our most ambitious Amazon DSP campaigns yet. […]

Partner: PlexiDor – FBA FBM

PlexiDor Uses Hybrid FBA + FBM Model to Grow Sales 75% The Challenge Prior to partnering with Kaspien, PlexiDor worked with a third-party seller that failed to uphold their commitments. After the poor experience, PlexiDor was hesitant to entrust inventory with another FBA seller, so they asked Kaspien to start by selling via FBM instead […]

Partner: Survivor Filter – Global Expansion

Survivor Filter Expands from CA to US and Grows Sales 292% The Challenge Survivor Filter partnered with Kaspien as their exclusive Amazon seller in 2019. As a Canadian brand, Survivor Filter had an established presence on Amazon Canada and sought a trusted partner to launch and grow their US business. Survivor Filter Expands from CA […]

Partner: North Star Games – Brand Control

North Star Games Grows Sales 54% While Switching from 3P to Agency Partnership The Challenge North Star Games began their Amazon journey selling through Amazon Retail and multiple third-party sellers. They eventually grew frustrated by their lack of brand control and enlisted our expertise to develop an optimal Amazon strategy. North Star Games Grows Sales […]

Partner: My Medic – FBA FBM

My Medic Supports FBA Sales with Dropship, Increasing Revenue 272% The Challenge My Medic originally sold exclusively in brick & mortar stores. They struggled to compete in a saturated market due to a lack of brand awareness, so they partnered with Kaspien as their exclusive authorized seller to launch their brand on Amazon. My Medic […]