100+ Tips for Mastering Amazon Marketing

Amazon Marketing Tips

100+ TIPS FOR MASTERING AMAZON MARKETING To overcome rising competition and costs, you need a robust marketing strategy for Amazon. Drawing on over 13 years of experience selling on Amazon, we’re sharing 100+ data-backed strategies for improving organic and paid marketing performance. It’s time to grow! Download the eBook Contained in the eBook 45 ACTIONABLE […]

Online Brand Protection

PROTECT YOUR BRAND AGAINST UNAUTHORIZED SELLERS Unauthorized and counterfeit sellers are one of the most damaging and challenging issues brands face when selling on Amazon. If you’re selling on Amazon, you need a brand protection strategy to earn and retain consumer trust.   Download the eBook Contained in the eBook How the Current Regulatory Landscape Affects […]

The Amazon Seller’s Guide to the Toys & Games Category

Toys & Games strategy

THE AMAZON SELLER’S GUIDE TO THE TOYS & GAMES CATEGORY If there’s one thing people will always have an appetite for, it’s entertainment. 2020 saw that appetite grow even stronger as COVID-19 forced millions to adapt to virtual learning, remote work, and social distancing. As a result, the Toys & Games category boomed, with orders growing […]

The Amazon Seller’s Guide to the Sports & Outdoors Category

THE AMAZON SELLER’S GUIDE TO THE SPORTS & OUTDOORS CATEGORY The Sports & Outdoors category saw tremendous growth in 2020, with Kaspien’s data showing category sales on Amazon grew 80% year-over-year! However, the Amazon channel remains largely under-optimized in this space. This presents an opportunity: The first brands to treat Amazon as a primary sales channel […]

State of Amazon: 2021 Report

THE STATE OF AMAZON:  2021 REPORT Amazon is never idle, but after a global pandemic, the ecommerce leviathan is experiencing one of its most intense phases yet. In this illuminating report, Kaspien reviews the most impactful changes from 2020 and early 2021 at Amazon, including turnover in senior leadership,  antitrust investigations, the rise of Amazon […]

The Amazon Seller’s Guide to the Baby Category

THE AMAZON SELLER’S GUIDE TO THE BABY CATEGORY Trust and reliability are paramount concerns for shoppers in the Baby category on Amazon. These considerations drive shoppers’ buying decisions, and as such, they also shape brand strategy for everything from brand protection to marketing.  Our free eBook explains how to tailor your approach to succeed on Amazon. […]

First-to-Market Amazon Strategy Guide

FIRST-TO-MARKET  AMAZON STRATEGY GUIDE Launching a new product or brand on Amazon can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming, especially when breaking ground in a foreign market. This comprehensive guide is a compass that brands can follow during the beginning stages of the process, navigating them through the treacherous flywheel that is Amazon. UNDERSTAND THE […]

The Amazon Seller’s Guide to Electronics

THE AMAZON SELLER’S GUIDE TO ELECTRONICS The Electronics category is one of the largest, most competitive, and most mature categories on Amazon. To succeed in this category, brands need to be ready to hit the ground running; it’s a marathon sprint, and the race has already started. Drawing on over 12 years of Amazon selling experience, we’ve […]

The Amazon Seller’s Guide to Pet Supplies

A Chow Chow Wearing Sunglasses and a Kitten

THE AMAZON SELLER’S GUIDE TO PET SUPPLIES The Pet Supplies category on Amazon comes with its own set of unique challenges, opportunities, and strategies. Drawing on over 12 years of Amazon selling experience, including working with leading and emerging pet brands such as ZippyPaws and Stashios, we’ve prepared the best doggone guide to sell pet products […]

Architecting Amazon Sponsored Ad Campaigns

BUILD AMAZON AD CAMPAIGNS LIKE A PRO Campaign architecture determines what data is visible to advertisers, which directly impacts their ability to optimize campaigns. As such, it’s critical that advertisers have the clearest data possible. How do you do that? We’re glad you asked, because that’s exactly what we answer in our latest whitepaper. Download […]

Amazon Marketplace: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Amazon Listings

How to Create Amazon Listings in Seller Central

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE  TO CREATING  AMAZON LISTINGS Now more than ever, your Amazon listings need to be perfected to both rank high on the search engine results page as well as convert buyers. Any seller can quickly throw together a product listing, but in today’s oversaturated world of ecommerce, that’s not enough. Learn how to […]

Kaspien AdManager: Software Automation for Amazon Sponsored Products

AdManager Wins MarTech Breakthrough Award

SOFTWARE AUTOMATION FOR AMAZON SPONSORED PRODUCTS Digital marketing is one of the most effective and reliable ways to drive sales growth on Amazon. Because marketing on Amazon has proven so effective, more and more brands are choosing to invest in it, which in turn saturates the marketplace and increases average costs. To continue maximizing sales […]