Who’s Selling My Products? How to Track Amazon Merchants

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If you are planning on selling your own products on the Amazon marketplace, then you better have a system in place for tracking Amazon merchants. Having an unknown merchant or seller pop up in your Amazon product listing is a common frustration that most brand owners will experience. These one-off Amazon sellers can negatively impact your product by altering the content of the listing, undercutting prices of authorized sellers and providing poor customer service that can lead to negative reviews on the listing. So what can be done to keep these unwanted merchants away? The solution is simple: communicate regularly and practice vigilance.

Manually Track Amazon Merchants

Let your distributors and authorized sellers know who is permitted to sell your products online. Authorized sellers want to maintain a good listing as much as you do, so they can be a great lookout for anything unusual and will let you know if anyone uninvited shows up to the party. Being vigilant of your brand is also very important. By monitoring your product listings, you will know if your product information is up-to-date as well as to help you keep track of any duplicate listings and counterfeit products that sometimes show up with unwanted sellers. Having a reliable merchant tracking software can save you time by scouring Amazon to see who is selling your products and at what price. While it may be difficult to gather and maintain up-to-date information on your sellers without a seller tracking tool, there is a way to manually check Amazon for sellers.
  • Navigate to your brand storefront page and scroll down until you find the refined search box on the left side of the page. Here you will see all departments that your brand is listed under.
  • Clicking into any department will redirect you to a new page with additional search refinements.
  • Looking through the options, you will find a seller section function towards the bottom of the search bar. You can click on “See more” to view the full list of Amazon sellers that are currently selling your products. (Keep in mind that this is not a complete list of sellers but rather a list specific to one category.)
  • To gather a list of all sellers you must perform a refined search for all departments that your product is listed under. This process is worthwhile but also time-consuming.

Amazon Merchant Tracking Software

For brands that don’t have the time or resources to track sellers manually, utilizing seller and price monitoring software can be very helpful. Software like Perispect tracks sellers, monitors pricing, and provides actionable data in easy-to-digest formats. Whether you decide to monitor your listings manually or utilize a tool to do it for you, tracking merchants and pricing is a vital part of your brand strategy.

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