Where Did Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Go?

Ariel Dearth

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Long-time sellers on Amazon know the only constant on this fast-growing marketplace is change. In November of 2016 Amazon provided brand registered sellers with a new feature they called Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) – and it changed the game.  

What is Enhanced Brand Content? 

With the advent of Enhanced Brand Content, the “Product Description” field for sellers and “From the Manufacturer” field for vendors were suddenly transformed from lifeless blocks of text into dynamic branded imagery. Brands were granted more real estate to tell a more complete story of the products they were selling and their own brand story, building trust and empowering shoppers. 

Enhanced Brand Content boasted the option of templates or modules to arrange as you pleased, inserting text content and imagery beyond the rigid structure of the image gallery and bullet points section. While placed below the fold, EBC gave shoppers a reason to scroll down and get a richer experience and gave sellers the ability to keep their audience engaged longer.  

What Happened to EBC? 

If you’re back on Amazon and trying to find this invaluable tool, panicking at its absence – fear not! In July of 2019 EBC was repackaged and rebranded as A+ Content with minimal differences. 

What is A+ Content? 

A+ Content is the new face of EBC. Essentially, A+ Content works the same way that EBC did. The only notable differences are improvements. Previously with EBC, you needed to know all the SKUs your content was being applied to each individually. By contrast, A+ applies at the ASIN level since product information shouldn’t differ depending on the fulfiller.  

In addition, EBC was not available to products with past or present sales to Amazon Retail. A+ Content does not have that limitation and is available in both Seller and Vendor Central. 

What’s the Impact of A+ Content? 

A+ Content is just as game-changing as EBC was. High-quality branded visual assets and compelling copy shine in this customizable, dynamic format. Beyond the visual impact, A+ Content has proven to positively impact the metrics that matter most: 

Increase Conversions 

If customers are on the fence about purchasing your product, A+ Content provides more details which help convince them to add to cart.

Minimize Customer Returns and Negative Reviews 

The more information you can provide about your product, the fewer returns and negative reviews your product will receive from unhappy buyers.

Drive Traffic 

Amazon states, “Adding A+ content to your product detail pages can help result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively.” 

Encourage Repeat Purchases 

A+ Content promotes brand loyalty by driving customers to discover your other products via a comparison chart, increasing multi-product and repeat purchases. 

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