Webinar: How to Stop Counterfeit Sellers from Stealing Your Profits, with VantageBP 

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Unauthorized and counterfeit sellers are one of the most damaging and challenging issues brands face when selling on Amazon. This problem has become so great that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) even published a 54-page report about the issue in January 2020. 

The report states that between 2005 and 2016, international trade of counterfeit goods rose from $200 billion to $509 billion. At the U.S. border, DHS reported seizures of infringing goods rose from 3,244 to 33,810 per year. The rise of counterfeit goods represents a growing threat to market integrity, with DHS stating, “global employment losses due to counterfeit goods were between 2 million and 2.6 million jobs in 2013, with job displacement expected to double by 2022.” 

Clearly, there is a serious problem, but what can you do about it? That’s exactly what we’ll cover in our upcoming webinar, “How to Stop Counterfeit and Unauthorized Sellers from Stealing Your Profits.” 

5 Reasons to Attend our Webinar 

1 – It is Co-Hosted by VantageBP and Kaspien 

VantageBP co-founder Derick Manlapeg will join Kaspien to co-host this webinar! VantageBP helps brands identify and remove unauthorized sellers across 160+ online marketplaces, social media platforms, third-party websites, and search engines. They’ve removed over 3 million infringements across gray and black market retailers, restoring brand control to their rightful owners. 

In short, you’ll get to hear from one of the leading experts in brand protection for ecommerce.  

– Learn How Products End Up on the Gray and Black Market in the First Place 

Not sure how a seller got ahold of your product? There are a few likely sources, some obvious and some far less so. Learn how unauthorized sellers acquire product and how you can plug the leaks.  

3 – Learn What Brands are Legally Allowed to Do 

You may feel fired up and ready to fire away cease & desist letters and IPR complaints against sellers you don’t recognize, but that can actually cause even more trouble. Some of those sellers may have acquired inventory through perfectly legal means, and filing IPR complaints against them can land you in hot water.  

Our expert hosts will guide you through what legal options are available to brands and when you might need to call in outside help. 

4 – Learn what Amazon Policies Apply to Your Situation 

Amazon offers several programs and tools to help brands maintain or reclaim control of their online representation, but some of these tools work better than others. Attend the webinar to learn which tool should be used for which job. 

5 – Review Case Studies and Learn What Tricks have Worked for Others 

Over 25 years since Amazon’s inception, it’s unlikely that your brand is the first to experience these challenges. We’ll review examples of how other brands have tackled these challenges to reassert control over their brand’s future.  

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Register for the webinar and bring some questions! Even if you can’t attend, register and we’ll email you a recording of the webinar! 

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