Introducing Kaspien’s Social Media Management

Introducing etailz's Social Media Management

Here’s an interesting fact: 49% of US shoppers begin their search on Amazon. That’s a staggering percentage, right? But it still begs the question, where are the other 51%?  

Those online shoppers are spread across many other online marketplaces, like Walmart, eBay, Google Express, and direct websites. Fortunately, you don’t have to advertise on all of those sites to reach that 51% of shoppers, because they still share a very significant connection: Social media.  

While online shoppers may prefer shopping on different ecommerce sites, such as, eBay, or direct websites, most of them still use social media. In 2018, the Pew Research Center reported that 69% of US adults use social media, and 88% of US adults aged 18-29 use social media. That’s a huge market that your brand can tap into through social media marketing. 

By maintaining active social channels and running marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, you can reach the bulk of the off-Amazon audience and direct them to your products, regardless of where they’re listed. But anyone can post a picture with a comment. The question is, how do you transform a simple post into a powerful tool for brand awareness and conversions?  

Kaspien recently launched a new service, Social Media Management, to do just that. 

What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is precisely what it sounds like: Our team manages your brand’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, creating and publishing posts each week to grow an engaged following. Our dedicated social media managers review and respond to comments and messages daily, cultivating a tight-knit and loyal community of users who know that their feedback is seen, acknowledged, and appreciated.  

We’ll collaborate with you to develop a social media calendar, scheduling social promotions that complement or supplement your other promotions. This can be especially effective for seasonal products, when many shoppers are conducting impromptu research into which brands offer the products they need. Through a strategic social media calendar, we amplify the efficacy of your marketing as a whole.  

Last but not least, we provide detailed monthly reporting, offering transparency into your campaign’s performance. You’ll have insight into engagements, views, reach, and more.

Social Media Management 
  • Content creation & publishing 
  • Content calendar development 
  • Daily channel maintenance 
  • Detailed monthly reporting 


Enhancing Amazon Marketing through Social Media

Posting and commenting regularly is a great start to increasing brand awareness, but at the end of the day, it’s sales that keep your business running. We use our decade of Amazon experience to create social content that surpass brand awareness to drive action. We promote coupons and run giveaways through our posts, directing users from Facebook and Instagram to Amazon for conversion; we create original content that speaks to both features and benefits, describing the functional uses and the positive experiences your products provide; and we maintain a year-round social media presence to stay at top of mind with shoppers, ramping up our campaign efforts in the months preceding and through your peak seasons to. 

Brand Spotlight 

We took over the Instagram and Facebook accounts for our partner Big Betty in March 2018. In less than a year, we grew their Instagram account to 1,100 followers and their Facebook account to 250 followers. But like we said, we want more than just brand awareness; we want action. The industry average engagement rate on Instagram is 3%. We achieved an 8.2% engagement rate for Big Betty, with the average post generating 69 likes and 8 comments! 

How Social Media Fits in Your Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing allows you to cast a wider net and reach the shoppers who don’t start on Amazon. By doing so, we increase the total traffic coming to your listings, which in turn can increase your number of conversions.  

The catch? Your listings must be prepared to capitalize on that influx of traffic. Our social media campaigns drive more shoppers to your listings, but it’s the listing that makes the final sell. Optimized listings have high resolution studio and lifestyle images, informative bullet points, and product demonstration videos. You can learn more of the details in our post about improving Amazon listing discoverability. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our social media management service, contact your Kaspien Account Manager or reach out via our contact form. 

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