Protect Listing Content with Amazon Brand Registry

Jennifer Johnston

The Amazon listing page gives customers the information they need as they consider a purchase. A quality listing includes detailed product information in the bullet points and description, as well as good product images. Ideally, this product information should come from the brand manufacturer, the product expert who already has a marketing plan. However, the content on the Amazon listing page can come from multiple sources. Any seller who is involved in the listing can make content contributions, and Amazon looks at all contributions in an effort to create the best listing. In practice, this can result in a patchwork listing, with bullets, title and description information all coming from different sellers.

To prevent this patchwork listing, manufacturers can enroll their brands in Amazon Brand Registry: this provides brand owners or an authorized reseller of their choosing to control the listing content.

Brand registry gives more control in 2 ways:

  1. It expedites your content uploads
  2. It gates other sellers from editing your content

For many brand owners, this is reason enough to apply for brand registry. Brands that authorize a reseller to have brand registry can rest assured that they can always remove it later.

Another reason to apply for brand registry is that it gives access to Amazon’s Beta programs, like Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). EBC replaces the standard product description with formatted text and images for a better customer experience and hopefully, an increased conversion rate. Brand owners value the opportunity to share their brand story and enhanced product information.

In the cutthroat online retail landscape, brand registry is one more tool to help differentiate your brand from your competitors.

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