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Meet AdManager: Amazon Sponsored Products Campaign Automation 

Keri Rhodes

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Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are among the most impactful paid advertising tools in online retail. Although these ads appear only on Amazon, nearly half of US shoppers begin their shopping journey on Amazon and 73% of daily online shoppers click on products ads while browsing. Of those who click on the ad, a staggering 83% purchase the product!

The problem is, everyone else also believes in the power of Sponsored Product Ads, creating fierce bidding wars. To compete, you need your dollars to work more efficiently, driving more conversions for less money.

We’ve been working on that.

Introducing Kaspien’s AdManager

AdManager is Kaspien’s proprietary campaign optimization software. Through active machine learning, AdManager automatically updates targeted keywords and bids based on performance goals that you define.  

Amazon advertising operates using an auction system, with sellers bidding on search terms. The seller with the highest bid and best performing ad typically wins the auction. When a shopper enters the search term, that seller’s ad appears on the page. The seller is charged only if the shopper clicks on the ad.

By automating campaigns through AdManager, we ensure that your campaigns undergo continuous optimization, regardless of time or day. If our team is out on the weekend or seasonality picks up, your campaign will still be able to capitalize on that momentum.  


Bid Optimization
AdManager can bid up or down at the keyword level, ensuring maximum profitability. You can customize the metrics used to determine the bidding strategy, including ACoS, ROAS, clicks, CPC, ideal CPA, ideal CPC, sales, and more! Bid optimization runs daily. 

Daily Budget Optimization
If a campaign runs out of daily budget due to high clicks and conversions, AdManager can automatically increase the daily budget to continue capitalizing on the momentum. AdManager checks on the daily budget every hour. 

Search Term Optimization
AdManager runs weekly audits for converting search terms and adds them to the campaign as keywords, making the campaign more efficient over time and amplifying your return on investment. 

Add Negative Keywords
AdManager also automatically re-designates poorly performing keywords as Negative Keywords, which prevents future bids on those terms to minimize wasted ad spend and increase campaign relevancy. 

Our software engineers and developers have invested well over 5,000 hours into AdManager, and we’re continuing to improve and expand its capabilities. Best yet, this highly customizable bid optimization software is complementary to all our Sponsored Product campaigns. 

Why You Need an Ad Platform

The calculation for your ads’ ideal CPC is fairly straightforward. The challenge is not in the formula; it’s in the variables. The numbers you need plug into the calculation change every day, with conversion rates rising and falling day by day and week by week.  

To get maximum return on investment, you need to update those numbers daily so you’re never bidding too much or too little. Sellers can manually monitor their products daily, but the practice is simply not scalable.  

By automating campaigns, AdManager allows you to simultaneously optimize Sponsored Product campaigns for hundreds of products, saving you time, minimizing wasted ad spend, and maximizing return on investment. 

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