CEO Insights: Kaspien’s New Mission Statement & Leadership Principles

Kunal Chopra

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My first month at Kaspien has been nothing short of exciting. I’ve met some very smart people and already formed some close friendships. More importantly, I’ve laid the vision for the company and I am crystal clear on where we want to go.  

Today, I specifically want to outline our new mission statement for Kaspien, as well as a new set of values that I’m calling “Leadership Principles.” These principles will set the framework for how we operate at Kaspien. From decision making, to interviewing, to performance reviews, to working with our partners – these principles will guide us to our future.  

Our Mission  

Traditionally, Kaspien’s mission has been to be the #1 Amazon seller. Today, we introduce our new mission statement.  

Our mission is to be a brand’s ultimate online growth partner. We empower brands to achieve their online retail goals through innovative, proprietary technology, tailored strategies, and mutually beneficial partnerships. 

Big picture: We help brands build their online – specifically their marketplace – businesses through our suite of products and services. We bring more than 10 years of ecommerce experience to the table, with a long history of selling on marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. More importantly, we’ve done it through the lens of a strong, proprietary retail management platform. From that platform, we’ve built out several different services that can be tailored for our partners’ goals, each utilizing a tech first approach to fuel their businesses.  

Leadership Principles  

To execute our mission, we’ve introduced several new leadership principles that will form the basis of how we operate the company.  

Principle # 1 – We are Partner Obsessed

Our customers are our partners. Every decision we make is centered around building and investing in mutually beneficial partnerships. 

Principle # 2 – We are Insights Driven

Nothing matters more than insights. We use data to glean insights and to make strong business decisions. Insights are the ultimate decision maker.  

Principle # 3 – We are Simple in our Approach

We take the complicated and simplify it. Simplification keeps us aligned and focused.  

Principle # 4 – We Innovate on behalf of our Partners

We are ahead of the innovation curve at every stage. We are our partners’ incubator.  

Principle # 5 – We Deliver Results for our Partners

We set goals, we define targets and measures of success, we launch initiatives, we measure our progress, we mitigate risk, and we deliver results for our partners.  

Principle # 6 – We are Owners

We are entrepreneurial minded. We make things happen. We know what’s needed to build our business and we execute. We operate with agility and urgency.  

How We Apply our Leadership Principles

These principles are now embedded into everything we do at Kaspien. We make decisions for our businesses and stakeholders using these principles; we recruit people using these principles; we reward and recognize people using these principles; we grow our people based on these principles.  

Look forward to more updates from me about how we’re evolving Kaspien and the launch of new products and services to further our new mission.  

Till next time,  

Kunal Chopra, CEO, Kaspien 


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