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Over the last 11 years, we’ve developed a wide range of excellent services for our partners, and in the fast-paced world of ecommerce, some partners may have missed a few of those opportunities

That’s why we’re dedicating this post to providing an overview of Kaspien’s various offerings, including our array of ecommerce services, our proprietary software for marketing optimization, brand protection, and inventory management, and our two divisions for ecommerce partnerships

The Kaspien Platform

We take pride in our flexibility, offering multiple partnership pathways that support your individual goals while utilizing the same high level of service and expertise. Kaspien can partner with brands as a software provider, equipping brands with industry-leading software for marketing, brand protection, and inventory management; as an agency, providing anything from complete Amazon channel management to a la carte; or as a traditional wholesale retailer, representing your brand across online marketplaces. 

Your One-Stop Shop for Everything Ecommerce

When you partner with Kaspien, you gain access to one of the largest catalog offerings in the industry.
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Dedicated Partner Support

You’ll have a dedicated point of contact who is always reachable by phone or email. Anytime you have a question, big or small, we’re here to answer it. Our shared success is grounded in strong communication and support. 

  • Dedicated account manager familiar with your brand’s goals, obstacles, and needs
  • Tailored, outcome-oriented strategies with actionable steps
  • Regular communication and reporting
  • Comprehensive First-to-Market (FTM) Program for successfully launching new products 

Marketing Services

Our partners receive complimentary listing creation and optimization services, including the creation of enhanced brand content, as well as access to unparalleled paid marketing services at exclusive rates. At Kaspien, we don’t charge a marketing management fee. Instead, your monthly marketing budget goes entirely to fueling your selected services.

Compliance Expertise

Our compliance team is versed in government and marketplace regulations for selling in online marketplaces. We’ll work with you to prevent listing suppression and to get them back online anytime there is an issue.

Proprietary Technologies

We’ve developed and used proprietary technology to become a top Amazon seller. We can deploy this same array of exclusive software for our partners to protect your brand, enhance efficiency, and maximize your sales.

Sell Globally

Our global presence is always growing. We’re active in Amazon US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, PAN-EU, and now India. We can also sell your products on Walmart and eBay. 

Want to Learn More?

Reach out to your Kaspien account manager or use our contact form for questions or to inquire about services you’re interested in! 

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