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Kaspien Delivers Exceptional Prime Day Results for Partners 

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It was yet another record-breaking Prime Day, with this year’s event surpassing sales from Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 combined. At this point, the shock factor of Amazon’s continued success has worn off and many have come to expect such results from the ecommerce giant.  

The same cannot be said for brands. Acompetitor and ad saturation continue to increase on Amazon, stellar results are far from guaranteed for all brands.  

Kaspien worked proactively with our partners to ensure they’d be among those who enjoyed the Prime Day benefits.

Prime Day 2019 Highlights

New “Prime Discount” Feature Drives Phenomenal Results 

Amazon rolled out a new service called Prime Discounts on Prime Day, which allows sellers to offer discounts exclusively to Prime members. Kaspien tested the service with five of our exclusive partners. 

  • We saw a monumental 975% increase in sales from July 15th-16th (Prime Day) compared to the same days of the previous week  
  • We saw a 163% increase in sales during the two days following Prime Day compared to the same days the week before  

Sponsored Product & Sponsored Brand Ads Yield Impressive Sales

  • We saw over $148K in sales from Sponsored Products during Prime Day 
  • Partner sales from Sponsored Product ads increased 74% day-over-day on July 15th (first day of Prime Day) 
  • During the same period, sales from Sponsored Brands increased a staggering 91% day-over-day 
  • Sales from Sponsored Products increased 65% during Monday-Tuesday Prime Day compared to the entire week before 

Amazon Coupons Generate Strong Sales Lift 

  • Our retail partners saw nearly $120K in sales from Amazon coupons during Prime Week 
  • We saw an average sales lift of 119% from coupons during Prime Week 
  • Our partners saw more than 4x return on their ad spend for Prime Week coupons 
  • Our agency partners saw an enormous sales lift, with an average increase of 1,732% during Prime Day 

Amazon Livestream Reaches Thousands of Shoppers – For Free 

  • We ran Amazon livestreams for five partners, garnering over 36,000 views and 500 clicks to product listings (that’s 36,000 views for free – Amazon’s livestream service does not require a fee) 

Product Rank Improves as Residual Benefit 

  • Rank improved by an average of 35% for all Kaspien partners  

Applying Prime Day Learnings to Q4 2019 

We’re proud of the results we helped our partners achieve on Prime Day. Now, we begin preparing for the next major shopping events, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday season quickly approaching.  

Reach out to your Kaspien account manager to start planning your Q4 marketing strategy. We’ll collaborate with you to create a strategic holiday marketing plan tailored to hit your goals. 

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