Kaspien Unveils New Mission Statement to Guide Aggressive Growth

A company’s mission statement should concisely and compellingly explain what that company does. It should be the “why” for every business decision made by the company as a whole and individual employees.

As we embark on our most aggressive growth phase yet, we recognized the need to bring our “why” into sharper focus. Today, we are excited to unveil our new mission statement:

To optimize and grow brands on today’s leading online marketplaces.”

This new mission statement adheres to our leadership principles of being simple in our approach and being partner-obsessed.

“Our new mission gets to the heart of our purpose,” said Kunal Chopra, CEO of Kaspien. “We optimize and grow brands and we do it on the leading online marketplaces.”

All our plans, efforts, and measures of success – for the entire company, our teams, and individuals – will be based on how they contribute to our mission of optimizing and growing our partners’ brands.

Achieving that goal means positioning our partners on today’s leading online marketplaces. What was is not what will be. We will focus on the marketplaces that offer the highest revenue potential for our partners today, and vigilantly prepare for the marketplaces of tomorrow. As the landscape and opportunities change, so too will our strategies.

Internally, we are excited and motivated by this clarity. As you see it in action, we believe you will be too.

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