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Kaspien Makes the Grade with Sunrise Elementary

Kaspien Makes the Grade with Sunrise Elementary

Spokane has been a great home for Kaspien employees and our children, and we’re committed to giving back. Sunrise Elementary school relies on donations and sponsorship funds so that every dollar they receive will go toward the advancement of students’ education and continuing support of teachers’ classes.

We understand the importance of education and how it’s become an investment towards the future for our communities. That’s why the folks at Kaspien continue to invest their time and money to educational institutes, and why we continue to engage with local schools and universities. It’s extra custodial and utilities services which are not always properly funded. Best of all, the district usually does not charge nonprofit groups and other charitable donations. If the use is for-profit, the district establishes a fee schedule, which is in line with rental of similar privately-owned space.

With the help of our Kaspien employees, we were able to raise more than $500. All of which went to the support of classrooms, teachers, and students alike – taking them to the top of the class.

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