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Amazon search marketing just got a whole lot easier.  

We’re proud to announce the beta launch of our self-service Amazon ad management software, Kaspien AdManagerAdManager is designed by marketers for marketers, drawing on over 11 years of ecommerce marketing experience to create our dream tool.  

We’ve spent years building, using, and refining AdManager internally to run our partners’ ad campaigns on Amazon. Now, we’re launching it as software as a service (SaaS) so interested brands can bring their marketing in-house while using the industry’s best Amazon ad management software.  

Automate Four Major Optimizations 

The software uses artificial intelligence to automatically optimize bids across all CPC/PPC campaigns, maximizing efficiency and sales. Specifically, Kaspien AdManager automates four optimizations: 

Bid Optimization 
Every day, AdManager automatically bids up or down at the keyword level based on any combination of metrics, including ACoS, ROAS, clicks, CPC, ideal CPA, ideal CPC, sales, and more.  

Search Term Mining 
AdManager identifies high-converting search terms and adds them to your list of keywords, continuously improving campaign performance.  

Budget Optimization 
Ensure that high-performing campaigns keep running, regardless of their budget ceiling. If a campaign is exceeding your goal metrics, AdManager can automatically increase the daily budget to maintain momentum.  

Keyword Negation 
Not all keywords are profitable. AdManager evaluates current keywords and automatically negates low-performing terms, minimizing wasted ad spend and increasing campaign relevancy.  

Lifetime Data Insights & Custom Reporting 

In addition to enhanced campaign optimization capabilities, AdManager also provides better data insights and reporting. With AdManager, you can collect marketing data for the lifetime of your Amazon campaigns, in stark contrast to the 60-day window Seller Central provides into marketing analytics

AdManager can also create reports that include charts, graphs, and tables to visualize your data and empower you to make more informed decisions. 

AdManager Drives Real Growth 

We’ve been using AdManager internally to run our partners’ Amazon ad campaigns for several years, to great success.  

On average, we’ve seen AdManager: 

  • increase total sales on Amazon by 30% 
  • reduce Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) by 50% within three months of implementing AdManager 
  • yield a 10:1 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) on over $48 million in Sponsored Product sales 

Many of our partners have seen even better results, with one brand seeing Sponsored Product revenue increase by 192%! 

Apply to the Beta 

To claim that Kaspien AdManager is the best Amazon ad management software is a bold statement, but to claim otherwise would be a lie. AdManager offers more customization for managing your Amazon ad campaigns than any competitor. It was made by marketers, for marketers. 

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