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Kaspien is an All-Star when it comes to supporting HUB Sports Center

Jason McCourt

Kaspien is an All-Star When It Comes to Supporting HUB Sports Center

Our employees believe in giving back where it matters most: our local communities. While we’re growing globally, many of employees are still based in our hometown – Spokane, WA. Recently, we were able to offer our time and support to HUB Sport Center‘s All-Star breakfast, where we raised more than $2,000. But we didn’t stop there. Our community outreach also supported the Dads & Dudes Raffle night, by providing more than $800 in goods. The two events were a huge win-win for all. 

As you are aware, 2020 – 2021 have been challenging times for our community. And HUB Sports Center has not been immune to these challenges, but it is committed to finding and creating ways for their organization to provide events that have a positive impact on our youth and the local community. 

TheHUB Sports Center creates opportunities for youth in a wide variety of sports by providing a safe place to practice and play. The greater Spokane area lacks sufficient quality indoor facilities. Without the support ofHUB Sports and companies like Kaspien, the local school facilities would quickly become overcrowded and run down due to lack of funding. This would force young athletes to practice earlier in the morning or later at night, leading to unsupervised conditions. Teams would also be forced to use older, less safe facilities as the better facilities will already be at capacity. National and regional tournaments would need to move to other cities and communities, which would result in a loss of over $6 million dollars of revenue from outside visitors.  

Through ongoing support and charitable contributions, we’re able to provide young players safer areas to play and practice sports. It’s through these efforts that our kids will have an opportunity to enjoy team activities and build relationships that will last a lifetime. Score. 

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