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Kaspien Donates 24,000 Meals to Second Harvest

Jason McCourt

It’s Better to Give than to Receive

Fighting hunger, feeding hope – that’s the mantra of Second Harvest, a charitable organization that brings community resources together to feed people in need through empowerment, education and partnerships. And Kaspien was right there to support them every step of the way.

This season, our employees raised enough money to provide more than 24,000 meals to those in need. That’s right, 24,000+ meals. And while it’s just a starting point, it certainly made a huge impact on our local Eastern Washington communities. Thanks to our combined efforts, many families will enjoy this holiday seasons with smiles on their faces and food in their bellies.

We believe that everyone has the right to good health, and that nutritious food is the key ingredient for a healthier, happier life. In fact, Second Harvest envisions a world in which every person – regardless of age, race, ability, income, or status – has access to the food they need to live a life full of activities with people they love. That’s why we support Second Harvest to get food onto the tables of families, kids and seniors facing hunger in our community.

Second Harvest also knows there is no “one size fits all” solution to hunger. That’s why they use a variety of strategies to get food to people who need it. They make sure their services are innovative, collaborative, and practical to best serve the community.

Through our continued support and charitable contributions, we’re able to provide families with the nutritious meals they need to thrive. Now, that’s a recipe for success.

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