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How Manufacturers Can Protect Their Pricing Policy & Brand Integrity 

Richard Taylor

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Unauthorized sellers are one of the most pervasive challenges in online retail. These rogue sellers are often the cause of pricing violations, which can disrupt a brand’s relationships with brick and mortar accounts as well as their direct website retailers.  Unauthorized sellers can also erode brand integrity by not upholding your brand’s quality standards, not honoring product warranties, and providing subpar customer service. 

That bears the question:  How can brands protect their pricing policy and brand integrity in online marketplaces?  

There are many software-as-a-service (SaaS) programs out there designed to help with online brand protection, but we found them to be lacking in key areas; so we built our own.  

Perispect – Empowered Insights, Actionable Data 

Kaspien launched Perispect in 2015, and we’ve continued expanding and improving its capabilities ever since.  

At its core, Perispect™ is a price monitoring software. It provides insight into who is selling your product, and at what price, empowering manufacturers to take control of their brands’ online presence. By identifying who is selling your product and alerting you when your price policy has been violated, Perispect gives you the power to take action. 

By identifying who is selling your product and alerting you when your price policy has been violated, Perispect™ gives you the power to take action.

Key Features 

Price Monitoring
Stay aware of the prices at which your products are being offered on marketplaces. 

Seller Tracking
Gain complete visibility into unauthorized and counterfeit sellers so you can protect your brand. 

Historical Tracking
Track key events regarding pricing and violation history, so you can see the full picture. 

Customized Reporting
Access easy-to-use reports to gain actionable insights. 

Push Alerts
Receive emailed alerts for important seller and price updates. 

Dedicated Account Manager
Enjoy direct access to a subject matter expert for onboarding, on-going training, and SaaS product knowledge. 

Key Benefits 

Operated by Ecommerce Experts
Perispect was designed, developed, and is operated by Kaspien, the industry leader in marketplace sales and expertise. It’s not just a SaaS product being offered by yet another software company; it’s a valuable tool operated by industry experts. 

Save Time
Perispect saves you time by presenting data in an easytofollow format on a single screen view. You won’t have to manually audit your listings to monitor sellers and pricing.  

Know Your Sellers
Perispect has a robust database of sellers that includes actual business name, address, phone number, email addresses, and websites. You will be notified when a seller changes their name on Amazon and when new sellers enter your listings. 

MAP Enforcement Aids
Perispect will alert you when a MAP violation occurs. It also comes with email tools and templates designed to help you enforce your pricing policy, including Cease & Desist notices and MAP Policy Violation notices. 

Perispect is currently available in Amazon (US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Japan), Google Shopping (US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Japan), and eBay.  

Get Perispect 

If you want to use Perispect to safeguard your brand’s online representation, you can sign up for a free trial. If you’re a current Kaspien partner, contact your account manager to discuss using Perispect 

You can also contact our Perispect team directly at support@perispect.com or call 509.928.0344.  

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