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Hiring an Amazon Marketing Agency

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At Kaspien, we know a few tips about Amazon marketing (we, ahem, wrote the book on it). Yet we still talk to brands every day who are struggling with their e-commerce marketing and looking for something that can help them increase sales on Amazon.  

We wanted to take a moment to discuss the purpose behind an Amazon marketing agency, what an Amazon marketing agency does, and why a company might consider hiring one.  

The Purpose of an Amazon Marketing Agency 

Amazon is a gigantic marketplace. According to Amazon’s own 2022 Q1 report, net sales for this next quarter are expected to be between $116 billion and $121 billion, and as we know from our State of Amazon Annual Report, ad costs are rising.  

An Amazon marketing agency helps your ad dollars go further. They have the experience, knowledge, tools, and strategies to attract the right customers to your products, funneling them to your listings and increasing conversion rates. In some cases, a few strategic tweaks to a product listing and a customized ad campaign can lead to a dramatic increase in sales within days, attracting new customers to your brand and strengthening brand awareness and loyalty of your existing customer base.  

What Does a Marketing Agency Do? 

As we discuss in 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Amazon Agency, Amazon marketers often develop unique software and strategies to help them implement and manage their marketing strategies. When you hire an Amazon marketing agency, these tools developed over years of trial and error instantly become available to you.  

When you hire an agency, they’ll perform an analysis of your current campaigns, identifying what is working well, what isn’t, and the areas of opportunity to raise awareness and sales of your products. Then they will develop a customized strategy based on the unique needs of your brand, building and implementing new campaigns, and closely monitoring the results of these actions to ensure your advertising dollars are being put to good use.  

When done correctly, the dollars you spend on an Amazon marketing agency come back and then some. Amazon marketing agencies can find creative ways to work with almost any sized budget, an experienced agency with the right tools and knowledge is always worth the extra investment. As we discussed in Hiring an Amazon Consultant: What You Need to Know, a great agency generates a large enough increase in revenue to not only pay for themselves, but to make it so you almost can’t imagine doing business without them.  

Do You Need to Hire an Agency? 

While it’s true that almost any established brand could benefit from working with an Amazon marketing agency, there are a few specific conditions that all but scream for marketing assistance:  

  • New-to-Marketplace Brands – An established brick-and-mortar company makes the leap to Amazon and needs help building a new customer base on this platform. 
  • Competitive Categories – Brands who sell in highly-competitive categories need extra assistance to ensure higher rankings and visibility and attract customers to their listings. 
  • International Expansion – Successful international brands need skillful, targeted ad strategies to resonate with new customers on the Amazon marketplace.  
  • Increase in Sales – Any brand looking to increase sales could benefit from an Amazon Marketing Agency, but this is especially true when sales have suddenly slowed down or stalled.   

The Final Word on Amazon Marketing 

It takes a savvy business sense and a great product to sell online, and many brands believe this is enough to find success on Amazon. But true to its name, Amazon is a jungle, and even the most intrepid brands need a guide to help them navigate their way to more sales.  

An Amazon marketing agency is that guide.  

Like many agencies, Kaspien optimizes and grows brands on Amazon, as well as other leading online marketplaces. What sets us apart is our long and proven track record. Established in 2008, we’ve spent the last decade building and utilizing proprietary technologies for marketing optimization, brand protection, and fulfillment efficiency to generate rapid revenue growth for brands. You can learn more about what we do here as you explore your options in choosing an agency.  

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