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Here’s How We Can Help

As a major Amazon 3P retailer, we recognize the importance of Amazon’s recent decision to restrict shipments on certain categories and prioritize shipments for high-demand products. The US economy and many businesses are experiencing an unprecedented impact, and we feel it is our duty to support brands experiencing the volatile nature of the retail industry, however we can. If your business is impacted, here are three ways to increase efficiencies and revenue during these tumultuous times: 

1. Consider launching or expanding your brand’s presence on the online marketplaces

There is an entirely new market of online shoppers being formed as a result of COVID-19’s influence. If your brand is new to the online marketplaces or looking to capture more of this market, our agency can help you get there, fast.

Temporary reductions in agency retainer & commission fees

To help brands affected by COVID-19, we are temporarily reducing our agency retainer & commission fees for select companies. The agency approach is ideal for brands that are looking for a hands-on, collaborative approach to selling on Amazon, Walmart, and/or eBay. To get a customized quote, submit our form and we’ll be in touch.

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2. Explore software solutions to maximize efficiencies and effectiveness of Amazon ad campaigns

Most businesses are needing to focus on the day-to-day operations, and implementing an ad software can free up time for higher-level strategy work while ensuring you’re maximizing your ROAS targets and increasing revenue. 

Free Access to AdManager for 30 Days

Kaspien is providing  free access to our self-service Amazon ad management software, Kaspien AdManager, for 30 days to any brand. No strings attached

Our hope is that you can focus on the day-to-day while AdManager automates your marketing and keeps the revenue coming (Currently only available for Seller Central).

To get free access for your brand, complete this form, and we’ll call you within 2 business days to begin the onboarding process.  

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3. Leveragsoftware solutions to put more cash in hand

Regardless of if brands are impacted by Amazon’s temporary inbound suspension, leveraging Amazon case management automation tech that recoups dollars from Amazon can have a significant impact on brands’ bottom line during these uncertain and potential volatile times. 

Free FBA Cost Recovery Software

With the coronavirus threatening financial stability, every dollar counts. If you use Amazon’s fulfillment centers, then Amazon likely owes you money for mishandled inventory, overcharged fees, or incorrect reimbursements. We can help you recoup those funds. 

You can see how much Channel Auditor could return to you before you decide to use it. To do so, just complete this form.

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4. Implement alternative shipping methods (DTC)

For brands running out of stock and unable to ship new products into Amazon, this can ensure consumers are still able to purchase your products on Amazon. One way is to consider partnering with a 3P who can accommodate 3PL shipping outside of FBA.  

Partner With Kaspien to Diversify Shipping Solutions

We have spent years building up an extensive network of third-party logistics (3PL) partners and can help you continue to ship directly to your customers during these times, despite Amazon’s recent restrictions. 

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These are strange and distressing times, but they’ll be better if we help each other. Please let us know if we can assist your brand if any way as we navigate the coming months. 

Thanks and be well,  

The Kaspien team 

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