COVID-19 and Kaspien Operations Update

Kunal Chopra


With the continuation of the COVID-19 news, I felt it important to share a quick update on how we at Kaspien are thinking about the outbreak in terms of business impact. 

Our first core principal is being partner obsessed; in that spirit, we are striving to minimize the potential impact to our service levels, results, and operations through effective risk mitigation and planning. Our top priority is two-fold: to ensure the safety of our employees and continue to provide the best service possible for our partners and customers. 

To support these priorities, we deployed a cross-functional team several weeks ago and tasked the team with the following objectives: 

  • Monitor the situation and provide detailed updates on movements and changes 
  • Manage internal and external communications 
  • Minimize the potential of exposure in our corporate office 
  • Prepare an action plan for a work from home policy across the Kaspien organization 

Based on the team’s findings and recommendation, we are urging all Kaspien employees to work remotely from their homes, starting 3/16/20. 

This decision was multi-faceted but driven primarily by the need to promote the safety of our employees, their families, and our local communities. With this news, I want to personally share that we have been planning for this event for several weeks to ensure that our entire workforce has the capabilities to perform their job functions outside of the office. We are very confident that we will continue operating optimally even as our teams work remotely. 

Secondly, for our software customers, the Kaspien platform is cloud-based, and not dependent on any of our Kaspien facilities. Therefore, our software will continue operating as expected through this process. 

Thank you for your continued partnership with Kaspien. It goes without saying, but if there’s anything we can do to support your company during this time, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

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