How to Create the Best Social Media Strategy to Increase Sales on Amazon 

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It’s no secret that the Amazon landscape is becoming increasingly saturated. As a result, it takes more to stand out these days: More effort, more time, and more money. So, what are you going to do to stand apart from the competition?  

Our recommendation: Beef up your social media strategy; it’s often an untapped gold mine of potential. Both paid and organic social media will increase your brand presence off of Amazon, yes, but social media will also create tangible impacts on Amazon.

For example, we launched a private label brand in the baby & kids category, and through active Facebook & Instagram pages and social ads directing back to Amazon, we were able to produce over 30,000 organic monthly brand name searches on Amazon within the first few months. We took this brand that no one had ever heard of, and through social media, had 30,000+ people searching for the brand on Amazon with presumably high intent to purchase.  

Here’s how we did it. 

Integrate Amazon into Your Facebook & Instagram Pages 

Whether you’re creating your social profiles from scratch or have an active social community already, there are social media strategies you can implement to help drive more traffic to Amazon specifically:  

  • Include a link to your Amazon brand store or Amazon listing(s) in your Instagram bio. You can either put this as the only bio link or use services such as tap.bio or linktree to maximize that space. In your bio, mention that your followers can shop on Amazon via that link. Here’s a good example. 
  • Set up your Facebook shop page. Did you know that anyone with a Facebook business page can create a digital storefront that displays on your Facebook page and has the ability to link directly to each Amazon listing? It’s a piece of cake to set up and link right to Amazon, like this brand does. 
  • Regularly link to your Amazon listings or brand store in your Facebook posts. Since you can include links directly in your Facebook posts, take advantage of that space to post direct links to Amazon, but don’t do it so often that it begins to look spammy.
    Here’s an 
    example of a Facebook post that integrates a trackable link in the caption. 
  • Use attributable links – always. With the recent release of the Amazon Attribution Program, there’s no reason why you can’t make every link trackable. Learn all about the Attribution program in this blog post. 
  • Include Amazon coupon codes in your posts and/or Instagram bio. Use the Amazon Promotions coupon codes feature to create an eight-digit coupon code that can be shared anywhere you please on social media. This will enable you to see how engaged your audience is based on how many redemptions you receive, as well as provide your followers a nice treat. 
    This brand
     does a good job of sharing an Amazon coupon code in their Instagram bio. 
  • Use your social pages to communicate updates about your brand on Amazon, like a new coupon, product launch, or price cut.  

Don’t have social pages set up or a team to manage them? We have a team of Facebook Blueprint Certified social media strategists who can do it for you!  

Drive Targeted Traffic to Amazon with Facebook & Instagram Ads 

If you really want to start driving a significant amount of off-Amazon traffic back to your Amazon listings or brand store, paid Facebook & Instagram ads are a quick, strategic way to do it. Within 30 minutes, our experienced social media experts can have a campaign set up and launched that’s driving people from social media directly to your Amazon listings.  

Here’s how we typically build a paid social campaign: 

  • Campaign objective – Traffic. It’s no question that the best campaign objective for driving conversions is, not surprisingly, the conversions objective. Unfortunately, there’s no way for any of us to place Facebook’s tracking pixel onto the back end of Amazon (maybe someday we will be able to – what a dream that would be!). That means we cannot use the conversions objective because there’s no way for Amazon to communicate back to Facebook when someone completes a conversion event. The next best objective we have is traffic. Or, maybe video views, if you have a good video.  
  • Ad sets – We typically build out at least 3 ad sets per campaign based on these 3 audience types: 
    • Interest-based audiences – This ad set is built using Facebook’s demographics and interest targeting. We build these audiences based on information from our partners and educated guesses about who would be interested in the brand. We then review this audience weekly to make adjustments based on which demographics are clicking the most. 
    • Custom audiences – These are audiences based on some sort of value, like your Facebook page followers, an email list, or video viewers. For example, we could create a custom audience of people who have abandoned the cart on your direct website and target them with an ad urging them to purchase on Amazon instead. 
    • Lookalike audiences – I’m a huge fan of lookalike audiences because they’re an easy, strategic way to expand your reach beyond your current social following and customers. I like to create lookalike audiences based off of Facebook followers, email lists, and those who have previously engaged with Facebook/Instagram ads or posts.  
  • Use eye-catching creative – There’s no point in running social ads if you don’t have something beautiful to put money behind. Facebook puts a lot of weight on the creative and may not even approve your ad if there’s too much text in the image or it’s in bad taste.  
  • Again, use the Amazon Attribution Program to create trackable links – I create a trackable link for each ad set, or sometimes even each ad, so I can gain insight into exactly which audience or piece of creative is driving sales. You’ll have to view these insights directly in the Amazon Attribution dashboard, as they’re not currently viewable in Facebook.  

We’re firm believers in using paid and unpaid ads in your social media strategy to not only increase Amazon traffic and sales, but also increase your brand’s presence overall. However, creating effective social ads can be an extremely daunting process without the proper training or experience. That’s why we have a team in-house who is Facebook Blueprint Certified to run them for your brand! We can run social ads back to your website, Amazon, or both.

Reach out to use via our contact form to get a quote.  

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