Amazon Live: What Is It, Why Use It, and How Does It Work? 


UPDATE – September 26, 2019

  • An Amazon spokesperson has announced that, as of October 14th, Amazon Live will ban pre-recorded videos that are longer than 5 minutes and/or looped.
  • This policy update is the result of advertisers abusing Amazon Live, running pre-recorded videos on repeat for 24+ hours without monitoring chat, creating a poor customer experience. 
  • Moving forward, any pre-recorded videos broadcasted on Amazon Live cannot be looped, must be under 5 minutes, and must not appear to be pre-recorded. 

Content you stream should be primarily live, with the majority of your livestream content captured and streamed in real-time. If any pre-recorded video is included in your livestream, it cannot be “looped” or played on repeat multiple times, and any such pre-recorded video cannot exceed 5 minutes in duration.  
Amazon spokesman

What is Amazon Live 

Amazon unveiled Amazon Live in early 2019The US-only service allows brands to broadcast live or pre-recorded videos to Amazon shoppers demonstrating product usage and features. Shoppers can watch the livestreams across devices and platforms. While playing, the videos appear on the brand’s listings, brand store, and  

Their FAQs page also state, “Livestreams can appear … across various placements where Amazon shoppers browse.” While vague, we’ve seen livestreams from one brand appear on a competing brand’s listing, below the “Sponsored Products related to this item” section. 

As Amazon Live grows, this placement could become a significant asset or paint point for brands.  

As mentioned above, Amazon allows brands to broadcast live or pre-recorded video. While pre-recorded video is not technically livestreaming, the expectation is that brand representatives will engage with shoppers while the video broadcasts. 

Customer engagement features include: 

  • Live chat 
  • Product highlighting 
  • Custom promotions for livestream viewers 

Why Use Amazon Live 

First, Amazon Live is free. It won’t cost you anything other than time 

Second, it’s a useful tool to increase brand awareness and educate shoppers. Livestreams are particularly useful for products with complex features or high price points, as it provides shoppers the chance to view the product in use and ask clarifying questions in real time.  

Amazon Live is still new, but it’s showing strong potential.  

  • Since we began testing the service in February, Kaspien has averaged over 7,000 views per livestream! 
  • During Prime Day 2019, Kaspien garnered 36,000 views and 500 clicks to listings through Amazon Live! 

Did we mention that it’s free?  

You can reap the benefits of our learnings over the last year by having Kaspien run Amazon livestreams for your brand. Let your Kaspien account manager know that you’re interested or reach out through our contact form! 

How to Set Up Amazon Live 

Your brand must be enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry to gain access to Amazon Live. Learn how to sign up in Brand Registry in our Brand Registry enrollment guide. 

Download the Amazon Live Creator app and log in to your brand’s Amazon account. Currently, Amazon offers the service solely through an iOS mobile app (Amazon has not yet released an app for Android or Google phone users) 

Once you have the app, use Amazon’s guide to test the program and begin broadcasting. 

Amazon Live Best Practices 

Amazon lists seven best practices for livestreaming on its platform: 

  1. Use livestream encoder software (such as OBS). 
  2. Livestream during the afternoon and evening on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
  3. Include a clear Call-to-Action.
  4. Use Amazon Live to promote complex or high price point products. 
  5. Use eye-catching visual elements or settings to increase viewership.  
  6. Promote the livestream on social media.
  7. Restate key messages and themes throughout the livestream. 


Amazon’s tips are a good starting point for any newcomers. In addition to their tips, we recommend:  

  1. Pair livestreams with promo codes. It provides a clear CTA and increases viewership, especially when promoted on your brand’s social media accounts. 
  2. For livestreaming pre-recorded videos, combine existing product and brand videos to create a longer video, then play it on repeat while actively posting and replying in chat.  
  3. If you use or have used influencer marketing, reuse product videos they created for your brand. 
  4. If you stream live, take a few test runs before broadcasting to work out the kinks. Ensure you’re in a controlled environment with minimal risk of disruption.
  5. Coordinate livestreams with other promotions to amplify each of their impact. This is a case where the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts.


As always, get in touch with us if you want to make use of this and other services for Amazon marketing and online brand protection.

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