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Amazon publicly launched in Poland on March 2, 2021, becoming the first new marketplace to be added in 2021. Amazon launched in the Netherlands and Sweden in 2020. With the addition of Poland, Amazon now has marketplaces in 19 countries around the world.  

Amazon launches in Poland with more than 100 million products represented across 30+ categories. Marketplace Pulse notes that the marketplace launched with 70,000 sellers, making it Amazon’s largest marketplace launch yet. The majority of these sellers are already active in Amazon’s other European marketplaces, and are leveraging Amazon’s infrastructure to seamlessly expand onto a new marketplace. 

The size of the Amazon Poland launch speaks well of the strength of Amazon’s value proposition for global expansion. While online marketplaces in other countries surpass Amazon in size and sales, few are able to offer sellers the ability to so easily expand to other markets. By providing a consistent experience across marketplaces for sellers, Amazon is positioning itself as one of the easiest routes for global expansion. 

As with Amazon Netherlands, Amazon Poland lacks some of the bells and whistles of Amazon’s US marketplace, such as Prime memberships and Amazon brand stores. Amazon continues to add such features to its new marketplaces, so it’s likely that Amazon will add more differentiating features to the Poland marketplace in the coming months. 

Since 2014, Amazon has operated fulfillment centers located in Poland. Amazon reported that it is currently the largest employer in Poland, stating that the company has created over 18,000 permanent jobs via its logistics network, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and a development center. A tenth fulfillment center will open later in 2021, adding another 1,000 jobs. 

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