Amazon expands to the Netherlands

Amazon Expands to the Netherlands: Sellers can sell on Amazon.nl in 2020 

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On January 15th, Amazon announced that it is expanding its Netherlands marketplace, allowing brands to start selling physical products on Amazon.nl for the first time.  

In the announcement, Amazon stated that the marketplace will be automatically added to EU seller accounts, becoming the sixth country in the program. The subscription fee for the Professional Seller plan will not change 

According to Amazon’s press release, Amazon first came to the Netherlands in 2013, when they opened an AWS development center in The Hague. In 2014, they launched Amazon.nl as an ebook store. 2020 will mark the first time that physical products can be sold on the marketplace.  

Sellers with an EU seller account do not need to take any action at this timeBrands that do not have a EU seller account yet can register to sell in the Netherlands here: https://services.amazon.nl/ 

If you’re interested in selling on Amazon.nl, Kaspien can support you as your retaileragency, or software provider.  

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