5 Reasons to Attend Our Upcoming Webinar, “Opportunities & Challenges for Electronics Brands in 2021”

Katie Capka

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We’re co-hosting a webinar with Levin Consulting about opportunities and challenges facing consumer technology brands in 2021. It will be held on January 19th at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

Here are 5 reasons why you should attend!

5 Reasons to Attend our Electronics Webinar

1. Levin Consulting has 33 Years Experience in the Consumer Electronics Industry

Levin Consulting has spent the past 33 years serving consumer technology brands in the retail space. From emerging technologies to Fortune 100 giants, they’ve seen the evolution of many electronics brands and will be sharing a wealth of industry insights at the webinar.

2. Now is Peak Planning Time if You’re an Electronics Brand

With the latest technology unveiled at CES, now is the time to plan your overall strategy for both traditional and e-commerce retail so you’re ideally positioned for the year, but especially Black Friday & Cyber Monday and next holiday season. Our webinar will take an overall look at the state of the industry and provide actual takeaways you can implement into your current planning.

3. We’ll Provide Actionable Advice About Launching or Optimizing Your Brand on Amazon

One of our pet peeves are webinars that are all fluff without any actionable advice, so we will never produce a webinar like that. With our 12+ years of experience selling in Electronics on Amazon, the webinar will be jam-packed with category-specific advice such as compliance regulations, advertising nuances & strategy, and listing optimization techniques we’ve found to be successful. 

4. You’ll Gain COVID-19 Trend Insights and Explore What They Mean for 2021

The pandemic has affected every category, and consumer electronics is no exception. Levin Consulting will explore these industry trends as a whole and Kaspien will narrow in on what it means on Amazon. 

5. You’ll Get a Free Copy of our eBook, The Amazon Seller’s Guide to Electronics

We have all sorts of good things in store, and one of them is providing a free copy of our popular eBook, The Amazon Seller’s Guide to Electronics. This 28-page guide is our compilation of everything we’ve learned about selling in the electronics category on Amazon. 

Register for the Webinar

Date: January 19th at 10am PT / 1pm ET

Duration: 60 minutes

Even if you cannot attend at this time, register and we’ll send you a recording of the webinar!

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