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Amazon Listing Update: Brand Stores Coming into Spotlight

Jennifer Johnston

A powerful marketing tool that has previously been neglected is finally getting the attention it deserves.  On May 19th, we started seeing Amazon place a greater emphasis on Amazon Brand Store visibility within product listings, and we are all for it.  On product detail pages that are linked to a Brand Store, there is now a direct link to the store that says, “Visit the *Brand Name* Store”, making it much more obvious to consumers that these digital storefronts exist. 

Amazon Brand Store Link

Prior to this update, product listings simply featured the brand name below the product title.  When clicked, the hyperlinked brand name would take users to a search engine results page for that brand name. The results on this page weren’t always the best representation of a brand’s catalog.  This issue was partially fixed by the introduction of Brand Stores through Amazon Brand Registry, which instead linked the brand name on the listing to their Brand Store.  However, not everyone knew this was a way to reach the Brand Store, so the feature received less than ideal use. 

Amazon Brand Stores are and have been an all-around great marketing tool for brand integrity on the Amazon marketplace, as well as a great boon for inbound marketing efforts.  They allow brand owners to create a customized landing page that matches their branding and voice, and now brands can showcase their product catalog all in one place.  The downfall has always been that organic traffic could not always find them.  This latest hyperlink update has been proven to fix that!

While this change has only been in effect for just over 2 weeks at the time of this publication, we are seeing drastic improvements in Brand Store performance.  We pulled organic traffic data to a handful of our Brand Stores, and we’ve seen the below improvements:  

  • Increase in Visits: 63.58% 
  • Increase in Orders: 67.27% 
  • Increase in Sales: 99.90%  

Brand Store Traffic Trend Line

This is only the beginning.  As consumers adapt to this change, they will come to expect brands to have these stores.  If your brand does not have a storefront, or would simply like a revamp, connect with Kaspien through our contact page or our live chat to see what we can do for you. 

Not seeing this change on your computer?  Amazon will often roll out structural changes in phases to note the impact and determine whether a full implementation is necessary.  Sit tight, we expect to see a full roll-out soon. 

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