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5 Tips to Improve Your Amazon Marketing for Prime Day 2019 

Keri Rhodes

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Prime Day is Amazon’s biggest sales event of the year, and it’s rapidly drawing near. To help you make the most of the day, we’ve put together our top 5 tips for improving your brand’s Amazon marketing strategy before Prime Day 2019.  

Launch or Expand Social Media Marketing 

Advertising on Amazon is fierce, especially leading into and through Prime Day, but you can get a leg up on the competition by extending your marketing beyond Amazon to social media. At Kaspien, we deploy paid social media ads and influencer campaigns to maximize our partners’ visibility and increase listing traffic. 

Paid Facebook and Instagram ads direct shoppers straight from social media to your Amazon Brand Store or listings. These ads are useful year-round, but they are particularly useful during peak seasons and sales events like Prime Day. They’re also an ideal tool for products that struggle to place high on the search results or are in a saturated category because they bypass Amazon’s search engine and competitors’ Amazon ads. 

Alongside paid social ads, you can also work with influencers to reach targeted audiences. Influencers build followings around a central focus, such as cooking, fitness, outdoorsmanship, and more. As a result, partnering with an influencer in your category can provide you access to a highly relevant and engaged audience. These shoppers are more likely to act, either immediately or at a future date, because they already have strong interest in your respective category.  

Kaspien’s social media marketing is among the most efficacious in the industry. If you want to learn how our experts can enhance your digital marketing strategy, reach out through our contact page

Utilize Prime Day Coupons 

Prime Day is known for offering some of the best prices of the year, which means that shoppers come to Amazon expecting coupons, BOGOs, and deals. Make sure your brand is ready to answer those coupon hunters with great offers. You can even pair coupons and giveaways with your social media ads and influencer campaigns, elevating them from tools for brand awareness and traffic into sales drivers.  

If you’re launching new products this year, Prime Day coupons can be a phenomenal way to jumpstart their velocity and position them for long-term success. You can either offer a significant discount for the new product, or you can use a BOGO to partner the new product with a best seller. By linking a new product to a product that sells well, the new product can share the benefits of the other’s strong velocity. 

This same strategy can also be used to accelerate the sales velocity of any underperforming product.  

Optimize Your Sponsored Product Ads 

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for reaching consumers off Amazon, but Sponsored Product Ads remain king of on-Amazon marketing. These ads are the highest converting ad type on Amazon, and with so much riding on Prime Day, you can be sure that the bidding wars for sponsored ad placement will be fierce. That means that you can’t afford to waste ad spend on low-converting terms.  

Kaspien created a bid optimization software called AdManager that minimizes wasted ad spend and maximizes revenue by automating four major optimizations. 

Enhanced by AdManager, our Sponsored Product campaigns can increase channel sales by up to 30%. 

Optimize Listings for Discoverability 

Alongside paid marketing, SEO represents one of your best tools for reaching shoppers on Amazon. By optimizing your listing for Amazon’s search engine, your product will place higher on the search results page when shoppers enter a relevant query.  

To improve your organic SERP placement, your listings need to be rich with relevant keywords, and you should fully utilize the backend search terms. The listing title, bullet, and product description are all indexed by Amazon’s A9 algorithm, so focus your keyword efforts there. At this time, Amazon does not index keywords located in Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) or A+ Detail pages. 

The number and rating of customer reviews can impact a product’s SERP placement. If your product currently has fewer than 5 reviews, you can enroll it in Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program to help generate reviews. 

UPDATE: Amazon retired the Early Reviewer Program on April 25, 2021.

If you receive low customer reviews, read the feedback and see if any issues stemmed from a misunderstanding of the product. If so, it’s a relatively quick and easy fix to provide more or clearer information in the bullets, allowing you to set more accurate customer expectations and reduce the odds of future negative reviews.  

Optimize Listings for Buyability 

While keyword density is crucial for organic discoverability, you must balance it with readability. A string of keywords is great for search engines, but it’s useless and even off-putting for shoppers. 

To write great copy, strive to write bullets that are concise yet informative. Whenever possible, write in an active voice, and describe both features and benefits. Features are what makes a product unique and what functions it performs. Benefits are what positive emotions or experiences the user enjoys as a result of using the product, such as joy, pride, or relief.  

Although EBC and A+ Detail pages are not indexed by Amazon’s algorithm, they do provide an opportunity to highlight special features, additional uses, and more space to elaborate on features and benefits. 

In addition to informative and compelling copy, optimized listings contain stunning photography and inspiring videos. When shoppers view the search results, it’s the image that piques their interest and draws them into the listing. Once there, additional images and videos convey your product’s quality and give shoppers confidence in their purchase. 

If you need photos or videos for your listings, social media, or website, reach out to Kaspien’s in-house creative agency and request a custom quote.   

By following these five tips, your brand will be well positioned for a profitable Prime Day. Learn about more effective marketing strategies in our free whitepaper, The State of Amazon Marketing.

As always, if you have any questions, reach out to your account manager or contact us directly.  

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