Channel Partner Program

Earn extra income by promoting Kaspien’s software and services to brands, creating corporate partnerships, or integrating with our tech platform.

Four Partner Programs 

Click the tabs below to learn which partnership program you’re eligible for.

Affiliate Partner

Eligibility: You are an independent salesperson, consultant, or small-to-medium distributor with pre-existing relationships with consumer goods brands. 

Functions: Proactively educate B2C brands in your network about the uses and benefits of Kaspien’s software and agency services. We will provide promotional materials for your use, including invitations to webinars and emails announcing new offerings.  

Program Benefits: You’ll receive 10% of monthly revenue from brands you referred for the first 12 months. With our full agency partnerships starting at $3,000/month or a percent of revenue, you stand to earn thousands more per year. 

Brand Partner

Eligibility: You are a current partner with Kaspien’s retail or agency division or current subscriber to one of Kaspien’s software applications. 

FunctionsRefer other B2C brands to Kaspien who could benefit from our software or services. 

Program BenefitsYou’ll receive a referral reward for any brands you refer to us that become a retail or agency partner.

Corporate Partner

Eligibility: You are a large brand, distributor, retailer, agency, or other type of provider for brand services. 

Functions: Form a mutually beneficial partnership to grow both of our businesses. This will be done through joint efforts, such as podcasts, blogs, logistics collaboration, or special offers to each other’s clients. 

Program BenefitsBoth parties will generate new income and grow market share. 

Technology Partner

Eligibility: You are one of the following: 1) a technology company that believes Kaspien could benefit from your software, 2) an ecommerce agency or retailer that would like to use Kaspien’s technology to serve your own clients, or 3) a company that wishes to integrate into the Kaspien platform through API. 

Functions: Form a mutually beneficial partnership between your company and ours. 

Program Benefits: Varies by type. 

Become a Partner

Applicable partners will be provided referral links to use in promotional efforts.