OR Winter Market: How the Outdoor Industry Can Retain Control on Amazon

Navigating Amazon with the Outdoor Industry

In early November, Kaspien attended and spoke at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Denver, CO. Keri Rhodes, Kaspien’s Marketing Director, presented “Understanding Amazon and its Impact on Your Business,” wherein she discussed hurdles for the outdoor industry on Amazon and practical solutions. During the convention, we heard many brands express interest in two topics: […]

Kaspien at SEMA: Providing Solutions for the Automotive Industry’s Ecommerce Challenges

Addressing the automotive industry's ecommerce challenges

In early November, Kaspien attended the Specialty Equipment Market Association show, more commonly known as SEMA, for the first time. The show was held in Las Vegas, where thousands of companies involved in the automotive industry gathered to demonstrate new products, discuss innovative strategies, and network. Unauthorized Sellers & MAP Violators During the show, we […]

Amazon Advertising Best Practices: CPC Ad Overviews

UPDATED – August 5, 2021 Marketing on the Amazon platform is always evolving, but one of the few constants is the need for a solid Amazon advertising strategy. At Kaspien, we’ve seen Amazon cost-per-click (CPC) ads increase our partners’ sales by 30% on average. They’re kind of a big deal. If you want to learn […]

Detecting Amazon Fraud: How to Spot “Scam Sellers” on Amazon

Recently, vendors using our proprietary software application Perispect to track sellers and pricing across online marketplaces have been spotting Amazon sellers advertising their products below MAP pricing. Many vendors do not realize that some of these sellers may be “scam sellers” who have many products in their Amazon inventory but do not ship anything to […]

Who’s Selling My Products? How to Track Amazon Merchants

If you are planning on selling your own products on the Amazon marketplace, then you better have a system in place for tracking Amazon merchants. Having an unknown merchant or seller pop up in your Amazon product listing is a common frustration that most brand owners will experience. These one-off Amazon sellers can negatively impact […]

5 Steps to Successfully Implement a MAP Policy

Creating and enforcing a Minimum Advertising Price (MAP) Policy helps protect brand image and ensure that authorized retailers are able to compete fairly. Here are 5 steps to successfully implement a new MAP policy: 1. Determine your threshold What is the lowest price that you would like your products to be advertised at? This might be a […]

MSRP vs. MAP – What is the Difference?

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, or “MSRP” The price a product should be sold for, recommended by the manufacturer. The price is supposed to reflect all the costs that happened during the manufacturing process, including retailer markup. MSRP is not necessarily the price that retailers use or that consumers pay for. Some retailers sell below MSRP […]

How Product Pricing Can Increase or Decrease Your Brand Value

You spend a lot of time creating your brand. After all, your brand tells your company story. Through your logo, website, social media and advertising strategies, you craft the vision for customers and provide added value to your products. A significant component of your branding is product pricing. Your MSRP conveys product value to customers. […]

Demystifying the Amazon Buy Box – Part 2

How to Avoid the Race to Zero So, how can a brand protect itself from the race to the bottom? Many brands have implemented a Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy. This policy requests that retailers do not advertise prices lower than a designated threshold. A MAP policy is not price fixing; it still allows for retailers to […]

Demystifying the Amazon Buy Box – Part 1

The Buy Box Determines Who Wins the Sale So, how does a seller snag a sale on Amazon? They try to get in the buy box. The buy box is the coveted real estate of the product listing that shows which seller is benefiting when a customer clicks “Add to Cart.” Many Amazon customers are […]

Retail Arbitrage: How Joe in his basement makes a quick buck on your products

One of the most frustrating things for a brand is to find their product listed on Amazon or eBay by an unknown seller. Sometimes, this is a result of distributors selling to shady third-party resellers. Other times, it could be an authorized brick-and-mortar retailer who is just trying to stay competitive. But more and more […]

5 Tips For Improving Amazon Listing Discoverability

Even though the Amazon Search Engine is shrouded in mystery, there are still concrete strategies you can employ to improve the discoverability of your listings on Amazon. According to Amazon, only 19% of customers will click onto the second page of search results when looking for products. Moving your product up on the Search Engine […]